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  1. I'm expecting to see Android running on HD2. Nexus one's hardware is most similar to HD2, why not we are able to enjoy Android on our HD2 :?
  2. I don't know there is anybody here stayed in the same case like me. Yesterday, after soft-reset my Om2, it was hanged at the today wallpaper, all buttons are malfunctioning. i've tried to remove one by one the memory card first, and then i still saw the same, and i remove the sim card, my om2 started working well. And then, i tried many other sim cards, my Om2 were all hanged like before. Anybody here can suggest any advices for me? Or i have to bring it to Samsung service center? By now, my Om2 is no longer a phone, it's only a PDA :)
  3. bro, u should take a look at this topic: http://www.modaco.com/content/i8000-verizo...d-programs-faq/ Looking for the tip: Disable samsung sms/mms skin
  4. Can someone here help me this? How can i link music tab at Titanium to SS touch player and calendar to samsung calendar ?
  5. i've just installed succsesfully samsungtoday on mine i8000. everything works well, but phonebook soft-button doesn't because i'm using rodrigo's ROM SuperLite and samsung phonebook was removed. How can i change this phonebook soft-button to another function?
  6. First, thank you rodrigo for your fantastic rom. I have a question: How can i link music tab at Titanium to SS touch player and calendar to samsung calendar ?
  7. Hi Rodrigo, i've just flashed your Leo-fusion rom. But i'm having a issue. Whenever i click to the clock panel in order to add my city time, the HTC-Sense is automatically re-lauched. This issue happens the same when i add location at weather tab. How can i fix this issue. Thank bro ;)
  8. Sorry if this request already be requested. :D Anybody here can kindly list down or update all applications which would be running on Om2 after install this OpenGL driver?? Thank
  9. Tacchan, have u flashed your Om2 into IK5 ?? Mine is on IK5 now, but when i applied your registry guide in order to disable samsung sms skin, and enable threaded default window sms, but the sms are still single ones, not in threaded view :) >>> Already solved after twice of soft reset
  10. @iWinMo: i'll stick to Om2 as long as i still satisfy with its performance. I have the same opinion like you. otherwise, SamSung has their own processor technology, they're using their own cpu as Cortex ARM in all their product, even in iphone, and it's absolutely their advantage, Qualcomm cpu can't play/encode/record/perform applications/video/music as well as ARM, iphone and Om2 are both clear example compare to HTC HD or even HD2. I don't expect a perfect or very very strong cellphone, i just want a phone just can satisfy me :)
  11. I've tried to upload my photo into Picasa using my Communities apps but i got this message, it's ok with photobucket but get error with Picasa. do u know how to solve it?
  12. tacchan, do u notice that that whenever i check the time, the time line at titanium takes about 10 seconds to change time from last into the current time? For example: my current time is 1:17pm, after 20 mins, i check time, it's still 1:17, and it takes about 10 seconds to change number into 1:37 :) And sometimes i was late becoz of this annoying :D How to solve this problems ?
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