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  1. hi efsane, its nice to see you in here. I knew your rom from other devices... you are the best one cooker for me!!! sure this rom is perfect too... But i think we need more information about new Omnia 2 roms.... Thanks...
  2. steff god job man... I like your rom... Can you up ram memory size ? pagepool I think if you up size to 98-99 mb will work fast.
  3. Selim YUKSEL

    Manila 3D on omnia

    white graphics are mean that if there arent image files.. you can add new image files and try it. we saw that manila 3d working on Lg mobile. normaly they say that Lg not support 3d .. but working...
  4. Selim YUKSEL

    Manila 3D on omnia

    $$ ;) hahaha not bad,
  5. Selim YUKSEL

    Manila 3D on omnia

    what are you thinking?
  6. Selim YUKSEL

    Manila 3D on omnia

    It will not work fully. Because we has test it.. like your said any body found a reason for white squares instead of pitures. o any body want to fix it. because everybody know that Omnia has no graphics chip to support 3d manila... for this reason didnt want to fix.... Try it... maybe you can fix
  7. Selim YUKSEL

    Manila 3D on omnia

    i dont believe :)
  8. Im using M2Dv2 Build 23637.. i have problem that wifi router o CM Internet Sharing dont work so it pc is connecting to program and take ip but i cant connect to internet... i havent any problem with 3g . i can connect in my phone but when i want share my 3g with my pc dont work i open the wifi router program and say start and later i connect with my pc all is good but dont connect page any idea? i need internet is importand for me <_<
  9. i tried , but is hard. so not hard but it take many time... if you want be cooker you have to be patient...
  10. In rom there arent problem about update weather. I m using other chef´s rom and i cant update too. so problem is general... <_<
  11. Selim YUKSEL

    WM6.5 Custom Roms By MaGaWa

    Now Im testing. Thanks

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