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  1. I personnaly look outside to see how is the weather like... It is far more acurated...
  2. Has the sound quality of calls been improved on gingerbread or is it still s***?
  3. Lox-

    New Market App

    Market Access and Market enabler do not seem to work with it....
  4. Any enhanced of the calls quality? Mine is awfull and really worst than my old HTC Hero.
  5. Preview release is out enjoy: http://htcpedia.com/forum/showthread.php?p=67817
  6. In the mean time, stock FRF72 as update.zip, and optional root update.zip are available here
  7. I am not responsible of any damage of any sort, data loss, nuclear war or anything. Alway do a nandroid backup before updating Clean Eris4Hero by Lox All Droid Eris 2.1 rom ports to Hero I have seen around were to messy for me. This one is a really clean port: only necessary changes were made to it. I do not think about updating it as it is more for providing hero devs a clean Eris 2.1 port. So, devs, feel free to base your works on it. Just give credit, thks. So what it includes? - Droid Eris sense 2.1 clean port - Htc Legend goodies: default background and additional audio files - Root, busybox (latest version, compiled from source) - App2SD (optional) - Automounting of the first found ext partition of your sdcard to /sd-ext - Huge apn list What I would like to add: - move dalvik-cache to /cache/dalvik-cache Advice: do a nandroid backup and wipe before updating Current release: [download]
  8. 1.3 is out guys! It now has a new app2sd concept discussed on xda nexus forum and implemented by Chrys Soyars. Basically, it allows you choose where to install apps: on sdcard or on data partition.
  9. Thks paul for HTC IME. I wonder why we can't switch language? All t9 languages databases are in it but no way to switch to an other.... Can you switch IME language on ur nexus running the desire full dump ? EDIT: I got my language layout and t9 after reboot.... But it still says english in settings. Sadly I can switch back to english when needed.
  10. KaguDroid 1.2.2 ERE27 This Rom is built from CyanogenMod Android 2.1 r2 sources, with my own customizations that make it the KaguDroid Rom. I find it stable, at least for me, it is usable everyday. And many more really great things will come in next versions! Nandroid backup and wipe before updating Current release: 1.2.2 [download]
  11. Saddly all that is true. For those wondering what I did, everything has been committed to github before I released that kernel (master-oc branch) http://github.com/loxK/android-msm-2.6.27-hero
  12. Beta testing of a new kernel that allows over clocking up to 660mhz. I have no time to do a lot of testing. So far MCR rom 3.2 is stable and fast with it. So I am calling for testers. The kernels are using ramzswap. Download Note: It will not work on 2.x rom as it is a 2.6.27 kernel.
  13. Kagudroid 1.1.4 is out now, please read update instruction, a wipe may be required if u loose amazon and facebook apps It should solve battery drain issues. Note: I do not follow this thread closely, please comment on the official KaguDroid forum thread
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