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    Samsung Omnia gt b7610
  1. i would also like a answer to this question, as i have rooted my p1010 (wifi only), and would now like to put on clockwork mod, and is there any roms out there for the p1010.
  2. it can be, but mine was a free demo and then i brought it :P
  3. that looks cool, i was gonna try the htc sense, how does it run is it a bit laggy or not
  4. and heres mine Uploaded with ImageShack.us using daskalos 6.5 modified new rom, with spb mobile shell and also mskip ultimate. ps come on guys lets get this thread going :P pps ive flashed 6.5.3 and 6.5.5 but dont like the large button at the botton, it takes away about a 1/6 of my screen not good.
  5. first of all sorry if this has been covered but could not find it. i use to own a touch diamond and i use to use cabs to skin my taskbar would the same cabs work on the b7610. and my second question when i use to flash diamond you could also change the radio(wifi, 3g/2g signal, bluetooth) is the radio in the 7610 changeable or not. thanks in advance :P
  6. when you say gps extra is missing, and you can get that data from somewhere else, WHERE???????????????
  7. ive got a unlocked and unbranded 7610 will it be intitled to a free official update to windows mobile 7 ???? ps and would it be worth it ;)
  8. the one that comes with my 7610 starts to download my podcasts, but 9 times out of 10 it says download error, i have a full signal on my wi fi, ive also got pocket player which streams well, but i want to download them and listen to them at work, but this does not give you the option on what to download and is old and buggy, there must be a good finger friendly podcast software that i can download my podcasts, any help thanks ps i dont mind paying for good software
  9. i have a 7610 changing ringtones is no problem, but how do i use my own tones for sms ???????
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