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  1. vitamise

    How to Hard Reset the TG01

    The correct way is as you have stated. "hold down camera button, volume DOWN button and power button" TG01 accessories for sale very cheap all official accessories including battery cover's also TG01 unlocking 100% reliable just google my email email: [email protected]
  2. vitamise

    Possible to SIM unlock?

    Hi I can, unlock for £10 no problem and you can have the code within 1 hour of payment through paypal. Just type my email [email protected] into google search bar and you will see the comments on my ability
  3. vitamise

    Orange UK (sort of) Recall the TG01

    Hi, just to let you know all chargers for the TG01 have been tested and passed by Orange, they have received replacement chargers and all customers will receive a free replacement if required. get your facts straight before spreading rumours
  4. vitamise

    SIM-free TG01?

    They will bring out a EU generic in October that is sim free

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