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  2. Hi I'm using the Gingerounay 3.0 from Vache, on a rooted Acer Liquid Metal, and I have installed the JuiceDefender free version and the widget from ES Task Manager. Both are supposed - or at least this is what I want them to do - to close the applications opened in background, after a certain amount of time, and also close the GPS, Wifi, data, etc, when not in use, therefore saving the battery. Now, I don't think they're doing it. My question is: what is the best power saving application that you know about? Eventually one that you already tried and you know it's working. What I wanted to do is what I wrote above: close the open applications and the connections (GPS, wifi, data, etc). Oh yes, and it must be free, of course. Otherwise I'd prefer to buy a stronger battery :) Thank you!
  3. Hmmm... applications are crashing all the time. Camera not working, no matter what application I try and the drop-down menu on top (running app, click, alarm etc) is to squized for me to push and select anything. I'll probably go back to my previous rom. And, btw, it said I have an HTC, not an Acer liquid (!?)
  4. Question: is there a way to synchronize Acer liquid metal after the phone has been rooted and this rom applied? The Acer Sync tool installed on my computer doesn't seem to detect the mobile anymore. Thanks!
  5. Ahaaaa... now I got it.. I was using the CWM while pressing the AmonRa's combination. It didn't had the "flash zip from sd card" option, it said "update" so I chose that. I think I did it right because now I can use link2sd to move applications to SD card (that was my main purpose), apps that I couldn't move before... most of them basically. Thanks for your help ;)
  6. I did install that, or at least I think I did, since I don't see any changes. I don't really understand what the Recovery is doing, but I followed all the steps, until the black screen with the 3 colors (at that time I have 4 lines written and the 3 colors 'flag'), ENTER again and reboot the phone. The su-2..6.3.... zip file was (and is) already on the sd card. After reboot I'm closing the phone again so I can reboot it in recovery mode and everytime I try this combo buttons the phone gets stuck with the exclamation mark and nothing more. Is it possible that the latest OS version doesn't allow this?
  7. I try to root my Acer but when I reboot in recovery mode, the phone freezes on start, while it displays the small android logo and the exclamation mark. What am I doing wrong?
  8. Was looking for something like this; it seems my HTC Touch connect by itself, can't understand why. The feed reader is empty, the emails are set to update manually... and the HTC or Microsoft have no idea why. At least the HTC sent me to this site and told me to install nodata :D I just hope it will work... every morning when I wake up I'm closing the GRP connection, and a few times a day, too; a waste of money. Thank, m8!
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