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  1. Good How-to; thank you. For the moment haven't this problem but is good to know how to resolve it....
  2. crazyboy

    Battery life

    I'm italian and i have vodafone sim card. My mitac die after 2/3 day. I don't use gprs. If you use gprs, after first time, connection is mantained active until reboot phone. There isn't traffic but only connection. My firmware version is: 4.20.0 build 13349 Radio: R4.0.4 MBE43036-01-SCR5930 p2 It is european and multilanguage version
  3. crazyboy

    Flashing led

    I think green led blinking is for gprs connection; my green led blink only after first grps connection and stop when i disable it (power off and restart phone).
  4. crazyboy

    If anyone still cares...

    I'm very happy and i want thank you. I see this message only yeasterday. It WORK!!!! One question: how do you find the start point (0x81a00000) of os image?? Mitac have same memory map of other device??
  5. crazyboy

    Backup rom

    Oh yes, i'm the first that have post a result..The problem is that this software can only upgrade phone and don't read the rom from it.
  6. I have tested it; This is my version before upgrade: Operator: 4.20.13291.0 Manufactured: Microsoft: 4.20.13291.0 Language: 4.20.13291.0 File System: 4.20.13291.0 Radio: R4.0.4 MBE41124-01 P2 This after upgrade: Operator: 4.20.13291.0 Manufactured: Microsoft: 4.20.13291.0 Language: 4.20.13291.0 File System: 4.20.13291.0 Radio: R4.0.4 MBE43036-01 P2 Now phone have simple cinese and English. The duration of battery is increased.
  7. The very big problem is to get the SO from another compatible phone. We supposed that mitac have phone with same hw as 8390, how you get copy of rom?? I tested to extract rom from 8390 without success.you can it??
  8. Ok, i haven't copy italian dll. i tested this solution with other language (portuguese and norwegian) but don't work.I see language in t9 menu but i can't write nothing...I think that dll isn't compatible with mitac 8390...I think that if i can't extract dll from another 8390 it can't work. Thank's.
  9. I have a mitac mio 8390 and i think this solution work too me but ther'is a big problem: i can't copy dll from my phone.. I want extract dll for italian language from another 8390 but when i copy it by phoneexplorer i receive an error.In other world the file is protect!!! There is a solution to work around it??
  10. crazyboy

    Backup rom

    Thank's for reply, i see that mitac don't release rom; i think this is very stupid but is only my opinion. I want backup rom beacuse i have 2 mitac and 1 have a recently rom version that correct any bug.My intention is to backup one phone and upgrade the other. I hoped that someone knew a system in order to make it, in other model it is possible..
  11. How can i backup rom of mitac 8390?? Anyone know it??
  12. This phone is out about 1 year: Ther'are rom for upgrade it??
  13. crazyboy


    I don't know if exist a 1100 mah battery for mitac but if exist the only effect for the phone is more vitality...The charge of battery is more than 750mah...more hours of use... Sorry for english
  14. crazyboy

    mitac 8390 newbie

    Thank's for reply... Ok, i can't upgrade firmware beacuse don't exist a public rom, but if it exist i can?? The procedure for upgrade of mitac mio 8380 can work with 8390?? About italian language: If i'm understand correctly, in phone there is any dll file for t9 language, for example t9english.dll is for english language. We suppose to find t9italian.dll it is possibile (at runtime) add this dll and write in italian language??I know that in this case when i power off phone it revert all, but this is not a problem... Do you think is possibile or window smartphone have a protection for this??
  15. Hi all..I want to buy mitac mio 8390 but before i have any question: It is possible to upgrade firmware at home? There a website where can i find official rom? Ther'are other phone rom compatible with mio 8390?? There a solution to insert t9 for italian language?? Thank's to all...

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