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  1. Just taken delivery of the "RED ONE" or should that be the "ONE RED"! Initial impressions are "its gorgeous". Fits firmly in the hand, with a fair bit of weight to it. The screen is bright, can easily view in the current strong sunlight; that's a huge improvement on the outgoing Samsung Galaxy Nexus.So far the only negative I have is the power switch; it requires a firm push to wake the display - need to look for a wakeup app I think! Just got to wait for the 4 days Phones4U impose before activation.
  2. Stevie B

    Battery never charges to 100%

    I had the same problem for the first two weeks (98 -99%). Eventually, after rooting etc. I reset the battery stats and it's been ok everysince (got mine Nov 22, so nearly 2 months)
  3. Stevie B

    UV Settings

    Gave up using the OC kernel as too unstable + why do we need 1.4GHz anyway ;) My values for UV (using setcpu) are 1200 - 1125mV 920 - 1000mV 700 - 900mV 350 - 800mV
  4. The build number reflects ir5 and the search button has been removed from the lower bar as i requested, but there is no sign of the overclocking and undervolting so my assumption is the bake didn't include this kernel
  5. Done a bake selecting OC/UV and installed - but no voltage selections and higher speed available via setcpu??? About Phone shows kernel 3.0.1-ga052f63 so doesn't look like the bake worked. Can somebody else confirm if bake with OC/UV kernel worked for them please?
  6. Last night I installed Pauls latest ir4 rom and wiped y phone - Battery performance has improved imensly - 15hrs for 49% and thats with wifi on and off throughout the day, 3G on all day, bluetooth for a short time, emails, texting and even the odd phone call - just what a smartphone should be doing. So end of saga for me - phew ;)
  7. I guess I'm going to have to try the app then - thx
  8. 100% charge last night at 22:00 - 2G only (no WIFI) left on over night. 08:00 this morning (10 hours idle) battery @ 25% I've checked and checked all apps - nothing is hogging time, the phone is not awake... 75% used in ten hours (7.5% per hour), on idle - it's just not good - there has to be something wrong with the radio
  9. OK - second lot of stats Phone idle over night i.e. aircraft mode all radios off = approx 2.3% per hour Radio on (no WIFI) = approx 7% per hour Again sitting on my desk doing nothing, not moving the phone around so the signal shouldn't be switching (shows H) IMO the radio is sucking juice... the phone has a 1750mA battery, the phone is using 2.3% @ idle = approx 40.5mA per hour the radio (no WIFI) alone is using 4.7% = approx 83mA per hour No wonder the battery life is poor - I hope some alternative radios will be available for us to flash soon, but it's not just the radio; the idle state is consuming battery too. Does anybody know if both cores run at idle? I realise there are services running in the background and I do have sync on but this never hurt my previous phones (HTC DESIRE and HTC HERO). I will do some more testing with 2G only
  10. Stevie B

    Hide files or nomedia

    Unfortunately not, but would love to be told of a good gallery replacement that allows you to choose the photo folders
  11. I too am having battery problems and can not see any apps causing it. Last night I fully charged the battery and monitored the hourly usage (sad), which was mainly idle (WIFI off but radio on). At idle the phone is using just over 4% per hour which in my opinion is way too high. What I did after that was interesting though; I put the phone in to flight mode (turning off radios), and the hourly usage dropped to about 2%. I left it for a few hours and when I turned the phone on the battery was at 49%. Now I turned the radio on, still with WIFI off and the phone ate the battery. It drained down to 12% (37% used) in about three hours and all it was doing was sitting on my desk. So in short I think it's the radio that's the high user. This wasn't scientific by any means but I aim to repeat the test tonight/tomorrow
  12. Mine is 4 days old now Here's my feelings on the new Nexus... After 2+ years of earlier android incarnations, it's taking me a while to find my way around ICS. I haven't suffered from the volume problem (on Orange network) so far, so that has to be a plus. I am hoping / looking forward to NFC enablement in the UK as this is one of the reasons for getting this phone. All my apps run fine Likes: Love how it feels in the hand. For its size it is so light after my HTC Desire Impressed with the screen and clarity Love the camera's quick response ICS looks polished - screen transitions are lovely, Dislikes: Battery is terrible so far! Best attained is 21 hours but am hoping this will improve. Can't get used to the power on button switch location. Occasional stuttering when flicking through the app draw Picture gallery doesn't filter out music thumbnails etc. Honestly, I have thought to myself "should have got an S2", but then I reflect on that moment of madness and say NAH! I've got a shiny SGNexus running ICS and life is good :)
  13. Stevie B

    Galaxy Nexus and Google Wallet

    NFC is one of the reasons for getting this phone. But even with the google wallet app can it be used in the UK anywhere yet?
  14. Originally ordered mine online through buymobilephones - expected delivery either 17th or 18th Nov. No phone, No contact from company, so cancelled on the 19th. Ordered online again at phones4u and got it on the 22/11
  15. Is it needed? I thought all Nexus' are unlocked? I got mine from Phones 4U on Orange on the 22/11/11 and it's unlocked (put my original t-mobile sim in for the first day and a bit whilst waiting for PUK to do its job)

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