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  1. Has this had the various offers available such as free months of YouTube premium, etc used?
  2. Fair enough. I'd be up for it posted first at the £70 asking price. Up to you.
  3. Ok, I'd be interested in buying this. Would you cconsider posting first? You have mixed feedback (and indeed did at psc). I can send you feed back for me on digital fix , av forums, and eBay. I also had good feedback on psc and have been a member here for nearly forever.
  4. Thanks. They all came with controller, I thought? Which version of the remote and/or controller does it have?
  5. Sorry, just to be clear. This is a 2017 2nd Gen?
  6. How did this compare to Shield TV in terms of OS? I know it's not powerful but that's not my question. Does it broadly work the same?
  7. Looking forward to an update on whether or not they work :)
  8. Is it realistic to get the CRT-Off in to the kitchen for nexus 7?
  9. Any chance you could add the crt screen off effect? I think it would look ace.
  10. Are there any alternatives to this that work in the UK? I'd love to actually use my phone tp pay for something via NFC. James
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