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  1. HTC have long made well built handsets, how does the One fare? And is it the best built Android yet?
  2. Hi Paul I'm having problems with this recovery image and, to be honest, all others I've tried. It seems I can boot in once but then any subsequent boots are met with a black screen, the Google logo and the open padlock symbol. I've tried a command I've seen on two other sites, adb shell > mount system > mv recovery-from-boot.p recovery-from-boot.bak but this fires back an error ofmv: can't rename 'recovery-from-boot.p' : No such file or directory. Any ideas?
  3. I'm stuck on 'adding card' too. SGS3 on CM9 here.
  4. I know what you're saying here but I've previously worked in similarly sized retail companies and the stores literally have no idea what they're getting in sometimes. Always used to baffle me at the time. For what it's worth (please no one get their hopes up and shoot me for this) I popped down to PC World last night because I know a couple of the guys in there. The first lad had no idea, he went to the manager and asked when they're coming in, he answered immediately "18th. Tomorrow. Should have been out on the 1st, delayed until the 18th. We're had nothing since to suggest a further delay." He then explained stores (may have just been on about his, don't know) get deliveries on a Thursday so the date makes sense. He then took my number and said he'd give me a call "at around 1:30PM when the delivery comes in". Needless to say, I shall torture him if this is not correct.
  5. I've checked both them off prior to posting, APN is ticked and full wipes have been done twice now.
  6. I've been using these ROMs on my Desire for an age, convinced my mate to root and go onto it, ROM works great apart from mobile data. If I look in the settings Mobile Data is greyed out and says 'Turning on...' but then moves to 'Failed'. Latest radio, full wipe and current ROM. Any thoughts? UPDATE Also it's randomly rebooting. Bootloops a few times on the HTC screen and then eventually boots in. SD card isn't partioned in any way.
  7. Anyone else seeing a massive increase in battery drain on r5?
  8. How would I go about this? Could you do a step by step by any chance?
  9. Hi Guys I'm having a nightmare attempting to root my friends Hero. I've rooted several before with no issue, both generic models and network branded models, made goldcards and never had problems. This time though...completely stuck. I've tried this on two different PCs (Windows 7 and Vista) and each time when I go to run the RUU (tried generic and the Orange UK version) and each time I'm getting the 170 USB error. I've Googled for a solution and each time the solution is to get the newest version of HTC Sync but I definitely have that installed.The Android SDK is there, I've had USb debugging off and on and each time it's the same thing. I've been in every USB port on both PCs with no luck. Has anyone got any ideas? Or is there a way to do the process on Linux?
  10. Paul, just to clarify, when you say 'constrained somewhat by limitations of the stock kernel' are you saying we should not use this if we have a custom kernel? I suspect not but I can see the question cropping up :)
  11. If you don't mind retouching afterwards, Picsay is good for this.
  12. There's definitely a choice, I'm sure I've seen a screenshot of the selection screen and I also think I saw someone who works on Android advising on what coding to use.
  13. The exact relevance of this is beyond my drunken little northern mind, but just seen on Twitter that a 'froyo-release' repo is up. New toys for the devs?
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