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  1. Hi all, I like many other users have been having issues with the update provided by google for the Nexus S. The battery doesn't last a day even without using it much, and my contacts don't appear as contacts int he messaging app unless i put a +44 at the start of the number. Searching on google shows loads of sites saying they postponed the rollout because of issues, but nothing about them resuming or how to convert it back. My phone isn't rooted. Does anybody know more than me?
  2. What the hell mine is saying there is no new update, nd it says android version 2.2.1! What gives!??
  3. you sure it's been upgraded to 2.3? I did the most recent update and it still says version 2.2.1? Go into settings, about phone
  4. Hi All, Does anybody know when the 2.3 update will be out from orange? Or if it is already? Cheers, dave
  5. Does that work? I thought you had to have some special bbc iplayer software installed to download programs and they are in a special format?
  6. Hi all, I remember about 6 months ago having the myplayer app where i could download bbc programs and watch them later on my phone. The latest update is awful, I found an old update where you couls still use i player, but i cant figure out how to make it download stuff. Does anybody know where i can get an old old myplayer apk file to install?? Many Thanks, Dave
  7. OK just isntalled this app and t4ried the temp root, works fine. But... will this enable met o isntalla custom ROM? If not... how do I do that, and is it really worth it with such a fast phone anyway? Cheers, Dave
  8. Hi All, I have rooted a hero and san fransisco in my time, but doing the deed to the desire is just a bit too complicated for me without a step by step guide. has anyone come across a step by step guide I oculd use? And i mean step by step, i.e. where to download everything from? Cheers, Dave
  9. Yea I'm connected to my wifi network. I can play back files from my laptop on my phone, but not from my phone on anything. When I go to do this through the connected media option, and it says select player, it only comes up with my phone!
  10. Hi all, I have tried this a couple of times now so I'm sure it's not something that I'm doing wrong. But pictures that I take, and that I check are stored in the gallery, are randomly disappearing when i go back to look in my gallery later on the same day. It's like they are automatically being deleted. Has anybody had any experience of this? Or know what I need to do to fix this? Could it be a faulty micro sd card? Cheers, Dave
  11. Thanks for your support guys. I have emailed him your response and will let you know if it works Cheers, Dave
  12. Hi All, A friend of mine has just arrived in Germany, but he keeps getting a text message popping up (keeps receiveing it every 5 minutes) with just the number 363611541327. He says that when he goes to look in his messages, it is not there. To me it seems like it must be a setting that is being sent to his phone or something, but he has turned his phone off and on and it is still doing it. I've googled it and can't find anything. Any idea how to make it stop, as his phone is just constantly going off recieving this message! Cheers, dave
  13. Cheers guys. I seem to have somehow fixed it my ballsing up rooting my phone. Followed pauls steps but eventually it wasn't letting me install the recovery image, and now it seems to be working fine! Don't know what the hell I did, but it's working like a dream now. I'm wondering if it is worth the hassle of rooting....
  14. Is it an orange one you had? I might swap my one too if so
  15. Cheers, so should I have it turned on or off? It has been turned off so far
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