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  1. "User unicode neccessary" had already been selected. my problem is, when i select "Send message" through Contacts, HTC Sense will restart.. anyone facing same problem as me? thanks.
  2. Hi, i am new to your rom. i am using Energy Cookie 21680 1. initial memmory issue ==> problem resolved by using Compact menu. 2. Frequent phone freeze... i can onl manually remove battery to restart... 3. Sense restart when trying to send sms through, Contact=> select Send Text Message thanks.
  3. hi Shadow, remove email package that was bugged, are we still able to send/receive email with this bug fixed version?
  4. previous version all email function was working properly.. only this version got problem...
  5. Feedback 2. 1. Cannot "Reply" or "Reply All" in email. 2. SMS Tab can only display 25 SMSs. 3. missed call notification always there.. cannot disable it even after i already made call back... >.<
  6. btw.. i don like the blue theme... anyway to change it to Black? only 1 selection under "Today" setting.. :D
  7. yes you are correct. the latest 6.5 build with Sense 2018
  8. Hi, i would like to feed back. 1. MMS is working well after configuration. can send/receive/read 2. Office email is working well with password lock 3. Sense is working well with latest facebook tab installed(v1.6) 4. Messaging interface is not user-friendly. "Send" button is gone. Send is only available at bottom left corner menu. After sending message, cannnot go back to main menu. need to navigate to other tab before we can go back to main menu.
  9. after override windows driver the the #1 post driver, what driver number will be shown? anyone can share a screen show so that we know what we have changed the driver successfuly? thanks.
  10. HI Shadow, just to let you know. you winmo 6.5 RC4 is having the problem as you had in RC1. 1. SMS display only 25 messages in tab(eg. 1/25, 2/25 .... 25/25) 2. MMS can be sent, can be received, can be notified receipient, but Cannot Open. 3. blah blah blah that happened in RC1. i have been using your winmo 6.5 RC2 for quite sometime,(2 months i guess), and it run almost perfectly. it does not have the problem mentioned above.. btw, my phone is experiencing heavy memory leak problem... i uses only Opera Mobile 10... dun know why.. half a day usage left only 15MB RAM....
  11. suddenly become so quite... hi Shadow, any good news? :)
  12. just to clarify.. i had already configured my mms settings through HTC messaging(i am pro to it already... had done it many times..) i can send mms, i got notification that i received mms. it was "previewed" in both Samsung and HTC messaging... But when i click on it, it just doesn't open... >.<
  13. Hi Shadow, i found that i cannot receive MMS again >.< i am using JF5 with your winmo 6.5 RC4..... any solution on this? thanks in advance...
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