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  1. Anyone fancy posting a CWM installable .zip of the 4.4.2 retail GB update? I have a rooted retail handset which had a CWM recovery on it. Simply restoring the stock recovery and whipping off the superuser wasn't enough to persuade the 4.4.2 OTA to install either by letting it reboot or by trying it directly from the stock recovery. I'm reluctant to go back to zero with a stock 4.3 ROM :)
  2. I got a white back as a freebie when I bought mine at Phones4U.
  3. I'm in the market for CWM, root etc having unlocked the bootloader on an 8GB specimen. Very nice phone for the price.
  4. Nailed it - courtesy of some friendly folk on xda. Voice+ is installed in CM 10.2 but it doesn't show up in the app drawer for non-Google Voice countries like the UK. However, it was still active and attempting to route SMS via (non-existent) Google Voice. When I freeze/disable Voice+ SMS starts sending again. No issues for you in Ireland (?), though, odd...
  5. With recent CM10.2 nightlies my N4 will not send SMS, though it can receive. I can't see any obvious fixes or bug reports floating around in the forums. I was wondering if anyone else is experiencing this? A factory reset/various wipes have had no effect. The SIM involved (Orange UK) works fine in a different phone that is not running CM10.2 . A 3UK SIM in the N4 also won't send SMS messages, so I guess it has to be the ROM. I even got a new SIM off Orange for the N4 to check, but the problem persists. There were no issues with CM10.1 and SMS on the phone previously.
  6. Hmm, no enterprise WiFi on the ZTE Open, deal breaker? I would have thought students were a potential market for these little beasties. Other than that, it's a pretty pleasant user experience and feels nippy enough.
  7. Still no joy :( Tweakker's suggestions for Orange UK are the default ones which don't work for me, so I still can't send or receive MMS on the default messaging app. Attempting to send an MMS to myself just stalls, unless I do it through one of the other apps which uses non-default routes....
  8. Aha - if I uncheck "auto-retrieve" in the standard message app MMS settings I can _send_ MMS via GoSMS, but messages to me are still bouncing to the Orange webpage. Getting warmer.....
  9. Thanks for the pointers - but even copying across the (correct according to Orange...) APN settings into GoSMS doesn't do the trick. GoSMS bounces to a webpage that can be accessed with one click, which is an improvement on the standard messaging app, which bounces to an Orange page that requires a different id and password for each MMS to be entered. I've gone as far as getting a replacement SIM from Orange, but even after that there is still no MMS. I guess there must some non-standard permutation of the APN settings required on the N4 to get it going. I'll report back if I find it :)
  10. Has anyone else experienced problems with MMS (picture messaging) on Orange UK? I noticed I didn't get a picture message recently - and as far as I could see the APN orangemms settings were correct for Orange UK. I got them to resend the settings via SMS, but no change: I can neither send nor receive MMS. Everything else, phone, SMS, internet is fine. Orange were a little perplexed as the phone came as an upgrade via the Carphone Warehouse, so they couldn't be sure the "standard" settings were correct. I'm running a Modaco JR10 ROM with a Franco kernel (r111), but the problem may have been present with earlier ROMs (even stock) - I don't get many picture messages... :) There are some threads on XDA about MMS problems but the suggested fixes there (tweaking APNs for other networks, or using only the stock messaging app) don't apply. I can't send or receive MMS with either the stock app or others such as Handcent SMS.
  11. I can confirm Virgin are happy to unlock a newly purchased Blade 3 if you ring them up and cough up the £15.32. I was quoted 5 to 7 working days for the code to be posted out and it arrived in 5 days. Even with the unlock it still seems like pretty good value to me.
  12. Is any black magic needed to get Google Wallet to appear? I've installed Jr8 from the kitchen with no wipe from a stock 4.2.1 ROM and the wallet is sitting in /system/app with the correct permissions but it isn't visible in the app drawer (nor will it launch from ES File explorer's launcher where it is visible).
  13. The 40 quid Maxell charger picked up from one of the on-line retailers in the UK works very nicely with the N4 (as it should, being Qi). It is a fair bit bigger than the phone, although it is light, so it isn't really a very portable option. It would be nice to have something rollable....
  14. Aha - I have one of those lying around too... :)
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