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  1. Hi, this may be a long shot but I was wondering if any developers have tried to use NITZ from a UK mobile operator to get the date and time from the network over GSM not using GPRS/data connection. From what I can tell Vodafone support it in the UK but no-one else. Can anyone enlighten me? Thanks.
  2. I had this too. Only way I could resolve was to send the phone back to HTC under warranty. The problem occured after I uninstalled Boingo Wireless app.
  3. I had the same problem with the car holder and have bought the brodit mount which is superb. I just took the mount off for my Hero and replaced it with the new Desire one. I received my desk charger on Friday but it isn't the greatest quality. I think I will stick with a simple cable.
  4. No desk-dock or desk charger, just a car mount which whilst beeing good and solid I can't get the phone to sit in the mount in a portrait position as it is so large it protrudes over the top of the mount and touches the windscreen pushing it forward slightly!! Probably juts a combination of the angle of my windscreen and the size of the phone but I think I will have to get a new mount for my Brodit clip. Did anyone have an issue fitting the free screen protectors that came with the phone? Mine were fractionally too large but SuperETraders are sending me a replacement.
  5. I ordered mine when the offer was first announced via ModaCo. They have been allocated 100 of the 1000 units that came into the country and I was lucky as I ordered early. The email I received from them says they are expecting weekly orders to be delivered from now on, but I expect they will have a back-log to fulfill. Suggest you get your order in PDQ!
  6. Oh, yes. Mine has arrived this morning is out of the box and charging up..... and it looks gorgeous. Thanks SuperEtrader!!!
  7. Hi, I have been using MCR 3.0 for a while now but I have started getting what I can only describe as a shaking screen. It kind of goes backwards and forwards from one screen to another very rapidly or if I have the keyboard up random letters start getting entered. I have also found that touching one part of the screen seems to select a completely different part. Before I start reflashing etc I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this. I have found one other post which seemed to indicate hardware. Any thoughts?
  8. So, I'll answer my own question then :) .. now I have taken the pain!! For those who might be interested on how to upgrade your sd card to one of a larger size and take all the files from the old card to the new one.... I had partioned my original card as per the instructions in this post. I then bought an 8gb card and also partioned it in the same way. The problem was that whilst copying the files from the fat32 partition was easy, I couldn't see the files that were on the ext3 partition from my Mac - essentially all those that apps2sd had put there. I downloaded Paragon ExtFS for Mac OSX which enables you to mount the ext3 partition on your sdcard so you can then copy the files onto your hard drive and then onto your new sdcard. Fully functional 10 day trial is available for download I had to use First Aid from within the Mac Disk Utility app to repair the parttion before I could mount the partition but after that it worked. When putting the new sdcard into the phone some of the application icons that I had on my home screens no longer linked to the apps. By going into the Market and downloading and installing the app they eventually worked. Strange thing is that this didn't apply to all the apps; Robo Defense, Droid Mini Golf, London Tube Map. On trying to re-install these I got installed failed but on subsequent attempts it worked. End rseult is that I think I saved myself some time in not having to re-install everything but I am not sure why some apps needed re-installing, even if it was only a a few. Didn't manage to find out how to view what was on the linux-swap partition....
  9. I received mine yesterday from DSL to fit in my VW Touareg. I'm very impressed with the quality and fitting was relatively easy - took about 10 mins. Having had a number of different types of holders over the years this is definately worth the little bit more money. There are no sharp edges or flimsy bits of plastic and it is all solidly built. Fitting instructions were comprehensive with pictures to help. There are two parts to the kit: one part fits to the car and then the second part, the holder that the phone goes in, attaches to this with four screws. The phone is held in the holder by gripping it at either side at the bottom. There are no clamps, springs or clips to fuss with, it simply slides in. As the holder can be swivelled you can get it into the position you want and tighten the centre screw to stop it rotating or you can slacken this screw slightly so you could move it around to face a passenger. I can't comment on how it compares to HTC's own car kit/holder but I am more than happy with this one and would happily recommend it :)
  10. Thanks, but that wasn't what I asked. Can anyone help me with the commands to move the files from each of the three partitions on one sdcard to the new sdcard?
  11. I have a 2gb sd card already installed and partitioned as stated in this post (smaller sizes obviously). I also have MCR2.3 installed and therefore apps2sd working already. I have bought an 8gb sd card and would like to copy all my existing data from the partitions on my 2gb card over to the new 8gb card. Could anyone help me with the step by step commands to do this so I don't lose any data? I can use Mac OSX or Windows Vista. Thanks in advavnce.
  12. I had radio issues on the G2 on T-mobile and agree with Stevie B that each radio update seems to have improved things. I installed No Signal Alert and that gave me an idea of when the signal dropped out completely so I know it did improve. My general impression is the G2/Hero isn't great in the radio dept. If I compare my wireless and hsdpa connectivity compared to my Nokia N97 then the N97 blows away the Hero. However, the Hero/G2 is definately the coolest phone I have ever owned and I am fortunate that the signal issues are not as bad as they once were. Keep the faith :)
  13. have you put the recovery rom on the sdcard?
  14. O.k, here goes, this is what i get when I edit the Access Point named T-Mobile Internet. There is another one for Picture Message that I can post of req.: Name: T-Mobile Internet APN: general.t-mobile.uk Proxy: <Not set> Port: <Not set> Username: t-mobile Password: ** not sure what the password actually is or whether it is needed Server: <Not set> MMSC: http://mmsc.t-mobile.co.uk:8002/ MMS Proxy: MMS Port: 8080 MMS Protocol: WAP 2.0 MCC: 234 MNC: 30 APN Type: *
  15. Tried installing Bluex on Mocado 2.2 for Hero but keep getting "error in local device power disabled?"
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