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  1. twit_xp

    Quality of finish on the Galaxy S (epic fail)

    Hmm i've been using a SGP Ultra Slike Case (imported from Korea) ever since i got the phone so i cant really comment about the back cover. The case is really good though. Coated silicone so it isnt sticky like usually silicone cases and doesnt give you a hell of a hard time when putting into/taking out of a jean pocket :D However i have noticed some faint hairline scratches on the home button so i purchased a sheet of those pop up plastic stickers for children/girls and pasted it directly onto the button to prevent further wear. A little gay i know, but at least it prevents the button from wearing any further :D
  2. Nice i will give it a try to see how it works out =D
  3. does anyone know if this hack works with Froyo firmwares? Itching to flash Paul's rooted JP3 + other goodies :)
  4. Hey where the Keyboard is concerned, there is a modded htc_ime.apk along with clicker.apk available on xda forums. Its working fine on my Galaxy S :lol: you can set the modded keyboard to behave identically to the default one that comes on the desire - but who would want that when you can have a ton of customisation options and improvements :D Edit: it doesnt have to be flashed via the update.zip method. Just installing the .apks will do :D
  5. Hi I've just flashed to secany's IJ9 rom. Everything works great, Disabled touchwiz ui and running titanium now. However, i notice when i scroll to the time tab, it shows my location as London, Dublin. I've already changed the regional settings in the clock to +8 Malaysia/Singapore. Anyone know how to fix this?
  6. yup same here. music tab now shows (Searching...) but never seems to find anything :D . Album button on the photos tab works but my pics arent being displayed on manilla. btw nice work guys!! :P
  7. nice! can't wait for the realease sometime today (i hope ) :D
  8. Ok i've finally managed to get custom panels to show on my today screen. But all the graphics show as a Big red X. Anyone able to help with this?
  9. Hi When i try to override the default SPlugins_480x800.cpr with the one provided in the first post, resco explorer is telling me the file already exists. When i try deleting it altogether, it says file is in rom and cant be deleted :D Anyone facing the same issues?

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