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  1. What's the point if the front is still black?
  2. Would have done if i'd have been able to get a damn N4!
  3. When can we officially order? I'm still paranoid that the pricing is a mistake and they're gonna stick an extra £200 on it so I wan't to get my order in ASAP! :-)
  4. 32Gb, 3G, £250. Just take my money now, take it, all of it.
  5. Interesting, lets hope they release a 32Gb Nexus 4.
  6. What happens in a non-removable battery situation when the phone crashes? I remember having to pull the battery from my HTC Desire a few times? I've currently got a 4S, which can be rebooted using home+power, but unsure how this works on android devices. I presume USB OTG will work on this phone making the storage less of an issue, but the fixed battery worries me.
  7. True - I'm just getting impatient!!
  8. Well I'd been holding out for the next Nexus but this, well this changes everything....
  9. Yes! Glad I waited, selling the iPad2 will probably pay for it too!
  10. Damn the Desire Kitchen is HUGE!!! I think it's time for me to put the Hero to bed and upgrade!
  11. Damn you!.. I've been resiting the temptation to try this for days now (waiting for them to fix the camera) but i may just have to take the plunge...
  12. August.... 2011..... If we're lucky...
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