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  1. Call Recorder - reloaded! I'm trying to get help... again... I modified build.prop, and it's possible to record the call, but only with pressing the menu button and selecting record - this is what I forget all the time... not good. I tried some call recorder apps from Play, but with those I can only record my side, the partners voice is not recorded... PLS, anybody knows an automatic, two-way, call recorder app, which works on Stock+? Many thanks!
  2. Thank you very much. G300 - best community.
  3. Oh. I see. This sounds even better. Could you give me some hint, where should I search for details about this build.prop mod? Thanks again.
  4. OK, i'll try it, thanks. Is it working for you on Stock+?
  5. I'm on R6 since a couple of weeks ago, and it's fast, smooth. Great work Cyda. BTW Anybody can help me? How can i record my calls? I know Infusion has built-in call recorder, also I read somewhere the kernel needs a patch. I would like to stay on Stock+ R6. Pls...
  6. My default storage now reverts back to internal on reboot... The only mod I made is flashing the ICS 800x480 camera settings... can't believe it :blink: :D whatever... If somebody wants to have the Huawei weather with sounds, as in the factory ROM, just flash this Huawei_Weather_CWM_Flashable.zip
  7. Great ROM, flashed it today morning. I tried the camera, and it records in 640x480. Could you make a CWM flashable solution for 800x480 recording, pls? Otherwise it's very good ROM.
  8. Guys, I'm looking for a 2 way call recorder app which works well with this ROM, any advises? I had no luck with Total Recall and Call Recorder Full... Thanks.
  9. After a lot of searching and reading I installed your ROM, and I find it great. Keep up the good work! Who cares CM?... 8Đ

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