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  1. Hi, When you flash the phone part only, do you lose all your previous settings and installed programs? Thanks
  2. That's fantastic twu2 !!!! Thanks a zillion :P if possible, one more thing please: a lite csc I8000XEUJH2 :)
  3. Hi Master TWU2, Any chance of a lite JH2 as from what I heard there has been quite a change in terms of speed from version JG2. Thanks
  4. That's awesome ... master twu2 is back with a new rom. Thanks so much for your work and sharing with all of us. Really appreciated!!! :huh:
  5. I've got the same problem, the video call button is greyed. Please help. thanks
  6. I'm using the 15mb pagepool as I found that it's the best in terms of performance and reliability.
  7. Hi, Looks like you have to do a hard reset. I'm using sktools & samsung task manager with no problem at all. Regarding free memory, I have about 65Mb but I'm using widgetplus and a lot of other applications that are active. Have not yet compared 3D apps ;) Also concerning problem of no internet, I had the same issue initially but once I've done 'Restore Connections' in 'Samsung Settings all went well afterwards. So I'm very happy with this ROM and thanks again twu2 who is our new master after Secany has left.
  8. Hi Master TWU2, Many many thanks for cooking this lite rom for us. ;) I have installed it and observed the following compared to JD1: - better memory management - much more responsive - need to restore connectivity as some connection settings (Internet) were missing In brief a very good rom and highly recommended.
  9. Hi Master TWU2, Thanks for the new rom which seems better that JD1. So please please build a lite version for us. Awaiting for you ;)
  10. Hi twu2, Can you please let me have the O2 XT9 keyboard cab (english)? Many thanks !!
  11. Hi everyone, I'm now using the JD1 rom which is great. However I do not like the new samsung phone skin and would like to use the older phone skin. Anyone have a copy of the older phone skin cab? Thanks
  12. Thanks for the explanation!!!! One thing that I would like to do is to use the old samsung phone skin which I found better looking. So have you got a cab of the old samsung phone skin? Thanks
  13. Firstly many thanks to twu2 for this superb rom (the best todate in my opinion) and great contribution to this forum. I have 2 issues that twu2 or any of you may help regarding the Samsung settings where: (1) the microsoft my phone & (2) customer feedback settings when clicked does not open any screen, well does not do anything. Any ideas or solution? Thanks
  14. Hi, Happy new year to everyone !! this is my very first post and hope that there are more to come. Cheers
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