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  1. I've also heard the Desire HD has a pretty awful battery life, but then again, which smartphone doesn't these days? The Desire HD was my first choice, but maybe not anymore. Any alternatives? Or am I looking for a phone that doesn't exist? :P
  2. Well, the time is nearly here to replace my Hero. It's been a great phone, and has convinced me Android is the way forward. Now, what's the best phone I can upgrade to now? I don't mind waiting a few months, but it needs to be good (to beat the Hero, it has to be!) I think we can pretty much rule out the iPhone 4... I'd like a phone that can actually make phone calls. :P
  3. Just seen an advert for this new company, looking very promising. They are offering a "a global cross-platform mobile app store"; a great idea! I think all the developers on here should give this some serious thought... Cyanogen? Paul? Just thought I'd share it with you all :lol:
  4. I have a 2.1 Hero running MCR4 r5, with A2SD enabled (8gb class 6). Yet when I install a new app (or upgrade one) from the Android Market, the downloading in process notification appears, but it rarely shows the app has been successfully installed. It seems to stay on the 'download complete' notification for an indefinite amount of time. Is this a lack of memory issue? I seem to have plenty on SD card. Any suggestions?
  5. This was the issue, and it's now fixed. Thank you, you beautiful person.
  6. I have used the usual method of rooting a Hero, it's has worked successfully 3 times in the past. However, this Orange-locked Hero with an Orange sim card now shows a Network Locked message on startup (it didn't before the root.) Any ideas what this could be? I've seen nothing on the forum about it, or the internet. Hmm...
  7. If it's anything like the last T-Mobile update, you could be waiting a while. How much are you thinking for your Hero?
  8. I didn't kill the Market app, or restart my device. It's intermittent, and like the guy above says, I choose to ignore it too! Just a bit inconvenient!
  9. When I open certain apps, Google Earth most recently, the app fails to open, and the phone sends me back to my home screen. Has anyone else had this? Fixes? Is it a memory related issue?
  10. I have this issue too (white screen, green logo), with and without AutoKiller. However, the issue is much less frequent when I set AutoKiller to Optimum or a lower value than Optimum. A temporary fix, for a bigger issue?
  11. Whenever I download an app, it downloads successfully as normal, but then does not get installed. The 'downloaded' icon (arrow pointing down) remains in my notification bar for an indefinite amount of time. Only rarely does it show the 'successfully installed' icon... even when, on the odd occasion, they have been successfully installed. Is this an r5 issue, or something else? Has anyone else seen it?
  12. Ah thank you. Okay, so I've tried it, and it hasn't worked. I didn't wipe my phone, too much of a hassle.... maybe that's my best option now.
  13. I have something similar; every time I open Accounts & Sync, I get an FC. What causes these random FCs then?
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