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  1. If I were to take ur custom rom build.prop and use it on a stock rooted 6.2.2 rom, will it work and the android market will recognise it as a Galaxy Tab device?
  2. I thought I was the odd one out. Any memories of what you did before this problem surfaced?
  3. I am using Windows 7 and I encounter this problem recently. Whenever I connect my device to the PC, the WMC will detect it and do the sync. However, the PC system32 folder will also open up on its own. Anyone encounter this problem as well?
  4. What he meant was the JE1 Chome don't work with Chrome editor or HSC. You can try install JE1 chome and use either app to edit and you will see what we meant by don't work.
  5. Its not bad. Your wifi shortcuts either don't toggle at all or after the wifi is toggle off, it will auto toggle on again after like few mins later
  6. Yes. Don't know why also. Just use JD3 chome and it will be solve. The lockscreen for JE1 also have something wrong with it. I had a custom lockscreen which usually will overwrite the original lockscreen look and it also doesn''t work anymore
  7. There seems to be something wrong with the toggle wifi exe. After I the exe to toggle wifi off, a few minutes later sometimes 10mins later it will auto on again. Dun seems to work well. Could you look into it thanks
  8. Did you update this as well CHome, i8000nxxje1_chome.cab (916 KB)?
  9. Maybe you can consider removing task manager also. I think most ppl using 6.5.3 are using other task manager such as showcase to solve the x button problem.
  10. Not sure if anyone notice or is it just me. The chome in JE1 doesn't seems to work when using chrome editor or Home screen customiser. It seems the JE1 chome has change some setting or what. When I use the chrome editor or HSC to edit the chome, they get mixed up and some don't even display. I remove it and use back JD3 chome and everything work find with HSC and chrome editor
  11. I dun use PowerDic. Just checking if can clean install to a clean device everytime. Thanks!
  12. So meaning if i am using ur custom rom i will not be able to delete the content during flashing unless I use the official JE1 that has MST?
  13. How do I flash this JE1 using Octans 2.14 such that the contents in My Storage will be wiped out. Currently I did not check the "Preserve Device's Contents" checkbox but the contents still remain there after flashing
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