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  1. :P NeoMix Dark3 QVGA Hi! NeoMix Dark QVGA available for download. Link to download the first page.
  2. Please, ask your questions and to describe a problem more particularly, at all of us psychics and telepathists on vacation.
  3. Hi Chacry69 Replace in folder Programme/NeoMix/Links/ a file with that which in Attachment. Now all works. Thanks for the hint error. Notification.mnu.zip I really like your design skins. If you choose to share it with me, I will be very happy.
  4. To replace the standard alarm for G-Alarm is necessary in items.ini, which is located in Program Files / FSmenu /, replace the line [29] name=Alarm par_id=-1 type=0 exec=\windows\clock.exе on [29] name=Alarm par_i =-1 type=0 exec=\Program Files\G-Alarm\ Galarm.exe or the right way to G-Alarm. If it does not then write me the correct way to pragrammy and I'll make a new items.ini Good luck
  5. Problems are not present. I need there is some time that all to check up. 17.04.2011 With ROM, all in order. See screenshot. NeoMixDark3_ENG_EU installed my device (Dispositivo), in any case not in My Storage or Storage Card. You can also install and NeoMix Dark 3 ENG version, as in rum solid mess with the folders for the program (Program Files, Programmi and Programme) PS: Programme folder added after installation NeoMix Dark 3. Thank you for your trust and use our skin NeoMix Dark and Good luck
  6. Can you give me a link to the Rom who currently are using. I'll try on your phone.
  7. A: After changing the icons for the phone signal you called them the same names? What language do you ROMs? How are you called the folder for the program? Which version of the D3 use? Made changes to the script, and if so in what? B: Shows the cross constantly or only at certain times? Doing a Hard Reset before installing D3?
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