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  1. Hi, this is the third time of asking as yet I see no reply for me. I paid paul direct through paypal on the 24th november, thats nearly 3 weeks ago. I didn't want any of the offers that were on offer. I didn't want to register with anyone else. I didn't want to have any other subscriptions running. All I wanted was access to the kitchen. I paid for adfree,.but I still have no access to the kitchen. What do I have to do? I didn't just dream up a way to pay paul. After searching for a bit I managed to find a link that it would be possible to pay him direct for adfree without going through that other stuff. Please advise!
  2. Hi, I've paid my money for add free membership but not ive not registered for the additional offers that paul is now pushing out. (i just want access to the kitchen) So I paid my money the old way. I still can't get access to the kitchenDo I still need to confirm that I have paid, who do I send the email to? Please reply. Many thanks
  3. Hi, I went through the old channel of subscription without regestring on that other site. I paid my money but wasn't prompted to send an email. To make matters worse I got an email from paypal asking to verify identity etc, and my payment would be put on hold pending verification. Just wanted to know what the bobby was. It appears my payment has gone out, but I still can't access the kitchen? Many thanks.
  4. is the download link broken? I keep getting an oops, temporarily unavailable?
  5. dunbad

    r10 RIP - how to move on tutorial

    Well done. Finally people are slowly and increasingly starting to realise that there is life left in the desire. (just no longer on this site!) Xda is not the dangerous place some people I'm sure would have you believe it is. I'm currently on espresso hd rom. Its great, and good communication with the dev. Don't forget to donate guys if you like what you see over at xda. There's no tricks or false promises involved. Just honest guys working very hard to share good roms, if you like their rom, drop them a coin or two.:D
  6. dunbad

    Paul working on r10 based on an unreleased leak

    Yeah this is a very typical post from someone infatuated. The truth is however is he's talking total and utter rubbish. He couldn't name a single person who has bricked his phone from a sense hd rom. In fact, I'm not even certain of this posters true identity. Paul owns the site, could it be that he has several usernames.
  7. dunbad

    Paul working on r10 based on an unreleased leak

    Part post sent in error
  8. dunbad

    Paul working on r10 based on an unreleased leak

    Why antagonise by calling people morons, you'll just push people back into the r9 forum to hit back. My advice is your comment was unwise.
  9. dunbad

    Paul working on r10 based on an unreleased leak

    Yeah show abit of compassion. So my question, if even the slightest question mark exists over your integrity or honesty paul. Is Remaining silent the best option when your now trying to raise money for charity?
  10. No buddy, your talking nonsense. The people I mention have benefited from my donations already. I always donate. Its important for me that I DO donate if I use a Rom I like. Some of the roms, I get thanked for my donations like Alex and neophyte.(to prove my donations) 5 pound a pop. neophyte benefited twice for two roms. I honestly believe that if there were more people like me, Paul would not have to use this trick to raise money. But he uses this trick because most people DON'T donate. I'm NOT one of those people you refer to. But what's worse, people taking the devs for a ride, or Paul taking us for a ride. Both as bad as each other. No one held a gun to my head to make those donations, I saw I liked, I donated. Simple. Paul is different, there is a teenee bit of expectation from Paul with his set up. but however small, he fails on miserably.
  11. Kali, Adam g, Richard Trip et all are not obliged to give updates. They release something, if you like there work, you donate as you SHOULD. I imagine most people don't donate however, and this is perhaps why Paul has chosen a different route. I wouldn't dream of harrassing Richard trip for updates. Paul has CHOSEN to have this set up. A FORWARD FACING set up, And it was a service that I subscribed to, not a donation for something already released. I chose to subscribe to Pauls ongoing work. He has many devices he works on? then I can only say he's bitten off more than he can chew at least in terms of not mugging off his customers. He works on many devices to maximize his earnings. We are the collateral damage. Very poor show.
  12. Big bear mdc, thanks for your reply. You come over very restrained, which perhaps isn't so easy with such provocation. I'll try and reply to you with the same level head. First of all, private messages, or following Paul on Twitter etc, id rather not. This is an internet community that I hope is fully transparent. why not air laundry in the open for everyone to see. I'm not saying this is the right thread, its not. ,But its better than behind closed doors. Secondly, I have watched others, and taken part in discussions/requests/debates regarding updates to this Rom. Only to be ignored by Paul. I found this extremely annoying and rude. I "showed my appreciation" by paying 30 pounds, (yes that's paying, not donating, for a subscription to "very regular updates". Then to be ignored, along with many others is disgusting. Paul has chosen this route as a way to make some money. Everyone has a right to make money in something for which they have a talent. But Paul has clearly broken away from the donate if you likeee method, to one in which he offered a service. It's very clever and SHOULD work well with his abilities. But as far as I'm concerned, Paul is fleecing. Why not at least have some manners and update us. If there's no update, tell us theres no update. Telling us soon, next week, or currently working on is bull. He isn't telling us there are no updates planned because the carriers are still pushing the desire out to customers. More people with a nice new desire, more potential customers to subscribe and show there appreciation! Tell me I'm wrong Paul. P. S you know that camera fix is out for the sense hd Rom now. Don't know who finally cracked it, in days gone by it would have been you Paul, but I hear credit goes to some young kid ;)
  13. Your right, making roms has nothing to do with age, just money coming in I guess. And I actually forgot that Paul actually owns this site. Maybe because he hasnt been around errr at all! Zero updates in months, (and I mean meaningful updates) wot a joke. My initial post was actually half jest/reverse pyhscology?!
  14. Id go for the desire hd roms, now with working camera! Rcmixhd, I found very good. Or defrost if you don't want sense. BOTH kick mcr version 9 into touch by a country mile. But I would suggest the devs nowadays are younger than Paul. I suspect Paul is perhaps a little bit passed it, a little bit over the hill. Not much, but just a tad too old. Can't keep up with the pace.
  15. Alex, your a star. I agree with the above comments. You ALWAYS respond to user questions. You have a great Rom that you work on tirelessly. You don't charge, only request for donations and an all round good guy. A fine example of an honest hard working guy. Good on ya. I've been on defrost now for a couple of weeks. Seems good, battery is good and pretty stable. Only 2 fc in that time which isn't too bad I guess, but lightning quick! Just waiting for sense hd with working camera, then ill be very happy!

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