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  1. are you running stock ICS? If not then you have a modified recovery image and i think i read somewhere that unless you have the stock recovery image Google OTAs will not happen. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. Maksy
  2. you should get a nexus s for a lot less than 200. i still got mine, had it nearly 2yrs. development is still good for this device. was tempted to get the SGN. Im still happy to keep mine, going to flash a jelly bean Rom when i get some spare time. Even though it's only a single core device it does what i want without any trouble . Maksy
  3. don't think you can, forum moderators have to do it. Also I'm not sure there are enough users to warrant new forum. There's a reasonable amount of support on either XDA or Rootswiki. just rooted my Tab with their help. Development is still happening but not as fast as a Nexus s or Galaxy Nexus forum. Bet every one has gone for a Nexus 7
  4. I'm using this Been using it for what seems like months and not had any problems as a daily ROM. GPS signal is a bit flakey but I don't use the Navigation stuff at all. It seems to be very smooth flicking through home screens. It does sometimes pause when opening the app draw and when exiting an app to go back to the home screen there sometimes is a delay, but nothing I personally cant live with. There are a lot of alternative ROM s over on the XDA channel but I haven't had time to try them out yet. Cheers Maksy
  5. I wouldn't have thought that selling it with CM7 on would put anybody off buying it. In fact put CM9 on and it might be even more desirable!
  6. I bought my Nexus S from Best Buy in Boston and it works fine, no problems what so ever. Cheers Maksy
  7. Was this issue resolved? I have the same problem with my Nexus S. Youtube plays OK over 3g but always says 'there was a problem while playing, touch to retry' over wifi. Its the same with both App and browser version.
  8. Thanks The drivers worked. You needed to know the the type of OS that your windows pc is running (either 32bit or 64bit) and select the correct driver accordingly There is a lot more info on the XDA forums under 'unlocking the bootloader' which also helped.
  9. Snap shot of my device manager listing. Dont think it should be like this. I have no Android 1.0 showing By the way the device is simply plugged in with USB, not mounted and not in Fastboot mode, basically just charging.
  10. Thanks I shall try as soon as I can - Do you know where they come from? I found this guide to Unrooting the Nexus S here http://theunlockr.com/2011/01/20/how-to-unroot-the-nexus-s/ cheeers
  11. Can anybody help? When connecting Nexus S to the PC via USB it says that 'New hardware found - Nexus S' It then goes to the 'Install Hardware Wizard' and this is where my problems start. No matter which option I choose the PC cant seem to find the USB drivers for the Nexus S. A window pops up telling me that a problem occurred during install and that the device may not work properly. As a result I cant connect the device via ADB (adb devices) and therefore cant unlock the Bootloader Your help greatly appreciated.
  12. Sorry if this is a daft question, but what is Superboot compared to Clockworkmod? Thanks I see clockworkmod facilitates the flashing of custom ROMs
  13. A 2.2 ROM I would recommend is Floyo by Erasmux can be found here on XDA http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=784689 I used it every day for about 3-4 months before upgrading phone to Nexus S. Had no real problems its very user friendly and has ADW built in. There are plenty of other equally as good I just seemed to settle for Floyo. Never needed flash as most vids were on youtube anyhow. I give it try, once you start flashing ROMs you just cant stop.
  14. Strangest thing happened. Got in car this morning set off and after about a minute the NXS just connected to the bluetooth device with no input from myself. It now connects every time. Connection time does very though from 1 to maybe 5min and sometimes I had to wake it up before it would connect. At least its usable and offers hope to others that it does work without any 3rd party apps.
  15. Great phone but wont connect to parott ck3000 evo Is it something to do with the following: Extract from Gingerbread manual pg 66 Configure the Bluetooth features you want to use Some Bluetooth devices have multiple profiles. Profiles can includes the ability to transmit your phone conversations, to play music in stereo, or to transfer files or other data. You can select which profiles you want to use with your phone. 1 Touch & hold the device in the Bluetooth settings screen. 2 Touch Options in the menu that opens. A screen opens with a list of the device’s profiles. 3 Check or uncheck a profile to use it or not. 4 When you’re finished, press Back . Does this work for anybody? The only option I get is to 'Unpair'. Manual here http://www.google.com/googlephone/AndroidUsersGuide-2.3.pdf Any help much appreciated cheers Maksy
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