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  1. here is mine, just got it a few days ago, so not many modifications....
  2. I don't have Homescreen++, but it looks great !
  3. it's still 3.5....anxious to see 5 come out !
  4. a nice wallpaper i found for s2u2, or any other..... 123.zip
  5. A new sence like full screen widget on spb mobile shell. Thanks to Ludo925 from mobilecustom...... fond here.....mobilecustom sence widget The instructions are in french but I may be able to help....LOOK !
  6. This is going to be the best theme ever, I know that Mark helped you but still this is YOUR baby ! GREAT WORK DOCTOR !
  7. I'm gone for the week but I'll look in to it when I'm back next week end.... Sorry for the delay guys !
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