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  1. Does it say ENG or SHIP, also S-ON or S-OFF? To me it looks like you have a Holiday phone.
  2. Original version I believe was ERD79. This was what I thought all N1's shipped with so yours is a special one! What hboot version do you have?
  3. I think you should get onto Paul with this as if it is 512k then it shuld be able to be used if the signature can be reproduced.
  4. Where have you put BB and what Rom and phone also? It is called in the boot.img, adb shell and type '$PATH' and see what comes up.
  5. Why would you want to do that? If you want to get your phone back to original state then flash a RUU.
  6. Do you have a carrier locked or unlocked? What was your stock rom version?
  7. I dont think so, never in my Hero owning days (July 09) have I seen a changelog for anything from HTC.
  8. Best thing is to run the RUU as this wipes everything, hboot, radio, recovery, system and data. It will be like having the phone stock again.
  9. Just noticed in MCR 3.2 that it contains a 1.92 Tek kernel. Care to share what has changed please.
  10. Fixed wifi, also has APN list from MCR, thanks. New link http://www.mediafire.com/?tom1ggkezec
  11. Right got wifi working using a static IP. So it does work but does not like connecting using DHCP. Highly frustrating aswell, my last option is to create a goldcard and flash the RUU and see if it is a problem on extraction somewhere. Well its progress but not what I had hoped.
  12. Yes but its a newer version compared to what we have from generic roms.
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