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  1. thank you awarner, presumably I was not that liked before! - but I can take it!
  2. whilst I do admit to not being the most active member at Modaco I can't understand that when I just decided to add a profile photo that underneath it it shows a 'no entry' sign and me as being -7 .. and in red! I don't tend to add much to my profiles on forums as I'm a private kind of chap ... but surely not a bad boy!
  3. @Paul I have only recently got a Legend and this is yet another great rom from you. I have used the kitchen to bake mine, and it works fine ... and have even attempted to include my own boot animation and mp3, but with no success. (files attached) decompiling the rom, and adding my changes does not work properly ... I get sound, but a black screen. it may be a signing problem as I have no luck on that front. can anyone please advise how to include this in a bake ? many thanks. android_audio.mp3 bootanimation.zip
  4. @KonstaT cheers mate, late reply due to my forum email notifications not coming through, even though enabled. I had tried in vain with Bootsound.mp3, plus android_audio.mp3, android.mp3, and boot.mp3 ... as was suggested elsewhere. I may try that rom you suggest if I do not succeed in the next few days (it is all really bugging me now !) ps: I have tried everything suggested, putting the 's' line in desc.txt, but cannot remember which audio file I pointed it at, and even had had the mp3 in the bootanimation.zip file
  5. I am using Ginger Stir Fry rom which I like very much indeed, and as a bit of a newbie have even learned how to install a personalised splash screen and boot animation. but can anyone advise if boot audio is disabled in this rom ? despite spending many hours online and in various forums I cannot find anyone who has cracked how to get boot audio working on an ZTE Blade. in desperation I have even tried flashing an 'enable bootsound' zip file I found at CM forum. as stated, I would even pay someone for a working solution !
  6. @solidchips your work is awesome man ! even though I don't support them, I am using the fantastic Liverpool FC one just to wind up my mates who support Manchester United. btw: have you ever managed to get boot sounds working ? I have been struggling for ages trying to get them working on my ZTE Blade, and have not yet come across anything that works.
  7. I am very keen to get boot sound working on my Blade and have tried every trick mentioned via Google ... and have even tried put mp3's in my personalised 'bootanimation.zip' as well as numerous folders. has anyone actually got it to work on a Blade ? my current rom is Ginger Stir Fry but how can it be that this post is marked 'Solved' when the advice given does not work, and the XDA link is broken also ?
  8. I have now got a work around ..... whilst the program does not create the zip file as I said, it does create a new meta-inf folder and a blade.img file. I then simply made a new zip file containing both the above, and it worked out fine !
  9. @Rianbow cnay I too have the same problem as in a previous posting in that your program does not create a zip file whatever I try to do ... have you, or anyone else any idea why this is so ? many thanks, Kevin
  10. @ThrashMan a brilliant bit of advice mate ... this has beenn doing my head in for a while also
  11. just re-read the thread and got the blindingly obvious answer to my question 1 above ! anyone get answer to my Q2 ? thanks, Kevin
  12. @Ricky thanks for all your good work ... as a result I now have a Racer fully rooted and with Clockwork working fine. I fancy your update rom, but am a bit confused by it's filename having 'non3G' in it a daft comment, as I suppose phone will still have 3G capability, but not the '3' branding ?
  13. perhaps not the best of solutions as you will only get mono sound, but check out my posting here: http://community.giffgaff.com/t5/Learn-gif...ree/td-p/506915 (nb: if you like what you see at giffgaff, get yourself a Free Sim with £5.00 credit here:) https://giffgaff.com/orders/affiliate/carkev
  14. when I was on Windows mobile I know that there was software that could do IMEI unlocking, and I think it could also take a 'bar' off the phone. therefore someone could then use any IMEI to get phone up and running. don't know if this can be done with Android though. that aside, sadly in this modern world of our it is not good to publish ANY specific details about oneself.
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