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  1. Iam stuck with the same problem... has anyone found a solution? or the right file to flash it? Thanks in advance
  2. On each MCR I am facing one and the same god damn problem which pisses me off. It doesn't matter if it`s 2.1 or 2.2 ... it`s a sync problem... Looks like the sync icon is just stuck in there and never succeed to complete the sync even tho all of my contacts are there and synchronized... I really like the MCR`s but this is really annoying. Anyone?
  3. Can someone share the battery life with r18 and which radio is using?
  4. Works Perfect! Thanks Paul! Thanks Koush! Keep up the good work guys :)
  5. Looks like iam missing something? C:\Android\r>adb-windows shell mount /system mount: can't read /etc/fstab: No such file or directory EDIT: UPS Sorry my mistake... i didn`t enter the recovery :)
  6. I really don`t get it. There is a potential risk of brick your devices and you guys are flashing non stop? And even Paul is releasing new ROM to which iam thankful by the way! Did i miss something or you guys are just fearless :rolleyes: ?
  7. Thanks mate :rolleyes: Well actually i`am not going to translate the program but the procedure ...how to :D Thanks again much appreciated! Regards Josifbg
  8. Didn`t tried yet but anyway thanks a lot for the effort! With your permissions i would like to translate it and use it in the Bulgarian Android Community forum? Thanks in advance! all4android.com
  9. Same problem here.. Installation aborted... I`ve downloaded the rom 5min ago...
  10. Already extracted the system folder but there are couple of files from the etc folder which i cannot copy in anyway...i`ll try to use different than ASTRO file manager and will report after couple of hours.
  11. It`s hard to say. The OLED is more brighter that the standard LCD and someone says is less power consumable. As per my test the X10 has more responsiveness than the N1. I don`t meant to insult anyone using N1! I am not aware of any multi touch problems with N1. I dont think so ... there is plenty of comparison video test between N1 and x10 bearing in mind that the X10 is running test soft and even then the x10 is faster. check this out -> You can customize the whole OS whatever you like. You can use the SE UI or not use it at all. It`s up to you. You can use only the Mediascape with the default home screen or you can use the SE UI Timescape and Mediascape in the same time.
  12. Just tell me how to check and i`ll... cause iam using it already couple of months :)
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