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  1. BeeGee_Tokyo mod for Softbank Japan available Hi, was out of this forum for a long time. But now I thought its time to update my HTC Desire. Of course as usual, I need some changes special for Softbank Japan. So I created a modded version of Oxygen 2.1.6, as I did in the past. New Softbank MMS iWNN IME (Japanese keyboard) HTC IME PhoneCard Express Softbank APN (special Desire version) ... Screenshots and download in my homepage.
  2. Fastest is to get the NV version of the ROM from here: Ganbarou_ROM_0.3bNV.zip and flash it from your PC. Then redo the upgrade. Let me know if this worked.
  3. You can try this one: [KERNEL] Buzz Vega | .32.35 | CIFS | TUN | EXT4 | SLAB | NOOP | WiFi | NTFS | HOST/SLAVE | 0.7, Updated 25/03/11 or this one: [KERNEL] corvusKernel |.32|CIFS|TUN|EXT4|SLAB|CFQ|WiFi|NTFS|HOST/SLAVE|PL2303|XPAD I had used both kernels in earlier versions of my ROM, but as there is a demand for overclocking, I switched to the newer CorvusKernel 0.2. You just have to read the posts carefully, as far as I remember, WiFi seemed to be broken until you changed some files in the /system/lib/modules folder. Make a nandroid backup of your current ROM to be safe. Or use VEGAFixer to create a backup that you can flash from your PC if the tablet is no longer booting. Or, if you can wait a few days (busy in my job at the moment) I can prepare you a ROM version with one of these kernels.
  4. Did you try to flash a stock ROM (a ROM coming from the dealers)? Get one from myadventvega.co.uk, they have a pdf file with instructions as well. For Ubuntu I wrote a small tutorial, but this is more if you want to develop on Ubuntu for Android. Search the forum for ADB Ubuntu, there are several threads about it.
  5. here is the answer of PyroSkins:
  6. Using the Vega Docking station with my Viewpad 10s, so it should work the other way around as well.
  7. 12V 1A :) That will be a heavy battery pack B) I would rather look for a car charger or take the power supply with me. There is usually somewhere a possibility to charge.
  8. ServicePack 1 is available: It includes: Live wallpapers Fixed problem with screen calibration application Added Suspend mode by short press of power button New version of ROM Updater that works with incremental updates. Download link: Ganbarou ROM V 1.0a (SP1) Screenshots, Changelog und Tips: Ganbarou (頑張ろう = Japanese for "Try your best!!") ROM V 1.0 Ganbarou ROM V 1.0a (SP 1)
  9. Maybe if Paul gets 100 PM's he reads at least one of them and makes some threads sticky (or assigns a moderator to this forum)
  10. If you made a backup before flashing corvus5 then you can get your apps with settings and data back. My preferred tool for this is TitaniumBackup. :P If you don't have a backup, then you start from scratch installing your apps. ;)
  11. As far as I know its an AOSP ROM build from the source.
  12. Found their homepage. But the case is only for gTablet: gTablet 267.0mm 173.0mm 13.7mm Viewpad 10s 275.5mm 178.5mm 14.5mm Doesn't fit for the Advent Vega/Viewsonic 10s/pov Mobii ;)
  13. Found their homepage. But the case is only for gTablet: gTablet 267.0mm 173.0mm 13.7mm Viewpad 10s 275.5mm 178.5mm 14.5mm Doesn't fit for the Advent Vega/Viewsonic 10s/pov Mobii ;)
  14. Tried it already. Not working. The problem occurs long before Android is showing the lock screen. Must be somewhere deep in the system or kernel. Maybe my 3G/GPS modem is slower during initializing than others. I know another user on a German forum who has the same problem.
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