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  1. you really made me miss my omnia . you are the best yones ,
  2. not really a suggestion but an advice :unsure: :) buy a device with original warranty or with "registered-signed" warranty ,,, u may really need it . decent device , not used for long time . :P best wishes , MGW
  3. you can check that by checking the hard front keys , back battery cover , and the touch screen << just check with your hand and you will see how the quality is :unsure: then u have only one choice <<< buy clean and shiny unscrewed used HD2 ;) I personally bought used one for 330 us dolars but was htc warrenty and it used only for 3 months :) " so I have now 9 months htc original warrenty " <<<< its good deal for me ; the device was very very clean and unscrewed for sure :o ; even the "reset red button " not touched !! :P how are u ock ?? long time haaa ?? best wishes , MGW
  4. galaxy s 2 some of "ships" have camera problems .... in focus iphone without jailbreak is like nokia old phones . and very expensive . HD2 I see that u want it , but u will found only "used HD2's" its good that u have 4 different os's at same time and every os have things that other doesn't . " android - wm6.5 - windows phone - ubuntu and meego on the way " best wishes, MGW
  5. The main reason for changing is my omnia was "died" . I bought HD2 becuz it have "android - WM6.5 - WP7 " and all are working like a charm . WM6.5 >> have all my old and most liked app's and for sure the sense manila 3d :unsure: android >> alot iphone apps and super graphics games . WP7 >> 720p camera recoding , super very fast , but I think is still in development . also @andrew : android have alot of good UI's , you have " spb 3d 5 - sense 2.0 and 2.1 - MIUI iphone like roms - go launcher EX - etc .... " and u can dual boot WM6.5 with alot of android "1 or 2 or or 3 or 4 ETC :) ..." roms at same time . or dual boot WP7 with a lot of android "1 or 2 or or 3 or 4 ETC :P ..." roms at same time . best wishes , MGW
  6. hello yones :) how are you ? do you remember me ? :unsure: it sounds that you will leave "omnia" and go to another device >> what is it ? thank you , best wishes MGW
  7. Mirrors :) ( M2d sense ) RS : P1 : http://rapidshare.com/files/423873109/DXID....2010.part1.rar RS : P2 : http://rapidshare.com/files/423873091/DXID....2010.part2.rar MU : P1 : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=JWPPMULR MU : P2 : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=MQMYS1GI Zshare : P1 : http://www.zshare.net/download/81282222c5c548b9/ Zshare : P2 : http://www.zshare.net/download/812822252bd9bb0e/ Uploading : P1 : http://uploading.com/files/8b7md765/DXID1_...2010.part1.rar/ Uploading : P2 : http://uploading.com/files/84me199m/DXID1_...2010.part2.rar/ cheers ;)
  8. HAHAHA>>>> so I like throttle launcher <<< With MY GOLD Year Life license from alfonso << he is the developer :lol:
  9. lets say ....... I like PointUi and I've cracked it :( (sorry I will not share my cracked ver. here ) but I like throttle launcher more than point UI Because I've My own GOLD (year life) license from the developer because I made an widget for it ... he send me email with the GOLD life time license :lol: and fully compilable with my omnia ............. still like m2d sense :) Cheers :)
  10. +1 :lol: edit : Until Now U Didn't Answer My Question :( Does The Wifi Works Without Doing The Operator Trick ?? (Because I Have Dead Phone Part) Thanks In Advance Yonn-- :)
  11. Thanks for the newest eclipsed ver. ______________________________ in your kitchen in EXT : 02_Premium\15_Omnia_Lite_Dialer_For_i900 This dialer I've put it in The vistang kitchen topic ( right ?? http://www.modaco.com/content-page/295395/...tang/page/820/# ) and it works on new winmo builds ...... and The Source from Yonn Not Me :lol: I have his kitchen before he released it :) ( all credit to Him ) That's I want to say it from 2 April 2010 ........... and I've said it sorry bad english :(
  12. Nice .................. Before download and install the Rom Did U import Ock trick to pass the inter net without changing operator settings ?? Thanks Yon** :lol:
  13. I've tried to flash by grandprix without the Eboot ..... Now My Device Stuck at Omnia Black screen and I Know Why Because I didn't flash Eboot with The PDA ..... Now I can't Use My Omnia and am looking for a solution for this issue I FOUND SOLUTION : ( FIXED :lol: ) Download This Old leaked rom then Download any cooked rom :) http://www.mediafire.com/?r132z5i44oh cheers
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