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  1. This thread made me go away and install FroydVillain 1.5.0 with FlyKernel 10a and OC FastBoot 653. I'm using LauncherPro (tried ADW but prefer LP). I was previously running Modaco 2.1 r4b3 with Sense as I've always stuck to Modaco roms before. This is really fast! Even with Modaco roms I have had lag on my Hero, but no more! True, it's now overclocked to 653MHz but it's just constant smoothness. I haven't run in to any hint of lag yet. The boot times with OC FastBoot are noticeably quicker and nothing has wanted to FC on me yet. Everything I use seems to be working fine (GPS, Camera, Wifi, 3G... haven't tried BT yet). I've only had it on for a day but I don't think I will be going back to Sense :-) Give it a try. I'm really impressed with how quick it is.
  2. With regards to the lock screen issue I was having (weird, couldn't slide down to unlock and it was just text, no graphics. Had to press the menu button to unlock).... restarted my phone and it's back to normal :)
  3. Just updated from 2.0 to 2.3. Is there a way to get the old lock screen back?
  4. Good to hear that it worked for you as well :-)
  5. Just been playing and noticed that the predictive bubbles with the HTC keyboard no longer seem to display loads of foreign funny words with accents above characters and stuff, which is also great! It makes typing a heck of a lot easier. So far it all seems great. I just used the HTC sync software for my contacts to Windows address book. It doesn't keep the photos or favourites or anything, but it worked well enough for me. I figure it's probably best to have to re-add photos and set up groups / favourites anyway. Maybe it was the contacts database that had changed slightly or something and this is why it was playing up before, and starting from fresh sorted it? The first boot after the wipe and flash takes a bit longer than a usual boot up. Probably about 4 minutes or something from the first reboot after the flash...
  6. Ok, added all my contacts back and reassigned pictures, added favourites back and then added the HTC people widget. Correct photos are now showing. So it's looking promising so far... Will attempt restore of SMS and see if handcent is behaving. Then I will fiddle about and jumble up photo's manually to see if everything updates correctly. I will then remove all photo's to see if everything removes them correctly, and add some back to see if they can be readded correctly :) It looks like all my apps were restored automagically too! :-O edit - photo's in Handcent also seem to be ok. edit - Removed, jumbled, re-added contact photos... all seems to be fine in Handcent, People, People Widget, Messages Widget, Messages, Phone and Handcent now :-) Time to set everything up how I like it again!
  7. Now wiping :) edit - installed and booting up...
  8. Ah yeah, I suppose it could be a bug from 1.5.1. I'm going to try a wipe today. Just need to figure out how to back up SMS messages first. And eat. And shower lol I think all of our apps should remain as they are on the SD card? May write down a list of what I have installed just in case though. Hm :) Will report back in a few hours hopefully!
  9. You've got the same upgrade path as me then. Mine was stock -> wipe -> 1.5.1 -> 2.0. I'm surprised no one else has noticed the problem. If / when I wipe I will get back here for sure. In the mean time.... if anyone else has the problem, do post. Especially if you have a solution too heh :)
  10. Ahh. I am having a similar problem! Did you wipe before updating? (Assuming from 1.5.1 or lower to 2.0?). I'm considering learning how to back up my SMS and contacts and trying a clean wipe / install to see if that fixes it. Though it may have happened on 1.5.1, which I did from a wipe.... I can't remember :)
  11. It wont work if you repack it yourself. It has to be the original zip downloaded from here!
  12. I have just added a few photos of people in my address book (neat). In the 'people' app they display fine, and in the standard 'Messages' app they display fine. However, in the HTC people widget it seems to want to attach the wrong photos to the wrong people! It also does this with Handcent too. Has anyone else noticed this?
  13. Bizarre. I can't seem to run sqlite3 on mine. I just get the following no matter what (even just `sqlite3`). Any ideas? "sqlite3: 1: Syntax error: "(" unexpected" edit - this is using modaco 2.0 core.
  14. I have found that for some reason ASTRO browser doesn't show anything in /system/sd for me either, however doing an `ls /system/sd/app` from adb shell shows them there just fine. You're trying to run a folder here. You missed off the ls :) ls /system/sd/app
  15. See. Great stuff. I didn't know that :-) That's pretty smart, thanks!!
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