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  1. intronauta

    the flipclock

    there is no widget clocks -with the same logcat error- in my "old" MCR 3.1 :D I/PackageManager( 134): /system/app/HtcClockWidget.apk changed; collecting certs E/PackageManager( 134): Package com.htc.widget.clockwidget has no signatures that match those in shared user com.htc.rosie.uid.shared; ignoring!
  2. intronauta

    linux tools coming to MCR

    Cyanogen include htop in Nexus1 CM. Someone can check if keys are remapped? http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=623496
  3. intronauta

    linux tools coming to MCR

    How you symlinked /bin to /system/bin???? :) crond: crond (busybox 1.15.3) started, log level 0 crond: can't exec, user root cmd /bin/sh -c /data/cron/file.sh I tried with SHELL=/system/bin/sh , but I get the same error :)
  4. intronauta

    linux tools coming to MCR

    +1! Awesome :) Love these tools!
  5. Mmmm. I see in top than system_server uses a little more of %CPU in the same conditions (sleep mode) than MCR 3.0. 0.5%,3.1%,5%, 3%,0.7%,5%, 3%....(in one minute) It's not much but don't like. Someone with the same "problem"? EDIT: solved at restart :S
  6. Do it since recovery option or since adb "/data/dalvik-cache/rm *" and reboot
  7. Great work, Paul! Maybe you must recomend in first post do a wipe dalvik cache to recover space in /data? Still Problems with the new widgets. .... E/PackageManager( 392): Package com.htc.rosiewidgets.battery has no signatures that match those in shared user com.htc.rosie.uid.shared; ignoring! W/PackageManager( 392): Package couldn't be installed in /data/app/com.htc.rosiewidgets.battery.apk .....
  8. Well, I deleted files in /TitaniunBackup, I made new backups and "batch" began to working. FC didn't offer me "wait", only "close". With new update no problems :) Only one more thing, I select backup protected apps, works perfectly, but I dont know why, don't recognize "SU File Manager" as protected app. Really, it's not a great problem ;)
  9. FC when I enter in Batch option ;) I've uninstall / reinstall but gives the same error
  10. This app is one must have! It's perfect to MCR ;) Works perfectly in 3.0. I can restore my paid apps without problems, and I can see it in "my downloads" in market. I only have to check if it works after doing a wipe + reinstall or update a rom. Keramidas: When I restored one app and ask me if "data only" or "app only", maybe a third option "restore all" would be nice :)
  11. I´ve installed the v1.91. Works very fine with 128MB, but I can´t set frequencies with SetCPU 1.4.2, it´s always at 528MHz by default in all governors.
  12. intronauta

    HTC Widgets available.

    All widgets works perfectly for me ;) MCR 3.0 & teknologist 1.9p.
  13. Maybe a option would be good. In my case, I dont want a backup of my apps (space available problem) ;)
  14. how can I backup the apps? This is automatic with the data backup option? I can´t see any specific option. very great app ;)

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