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  1. i had this problem, what i did was to delete the mystorage and soft reset. everthing went back. But how do you go to mail settings?
  2. nyak, ngayon ko palang nakita to, tas ala pang tao. oh well...
  3. my wife asked me this question yesterday, "are you not yet bored with your phone?" lol!!! im not sure what to say, but hey, im just new to this toy, so my answer was NO. well, not yet... hehehehe
  4. i have spb shell, do i need to remove it before installing Point UI?
  5. hmmmm gonna try this one later, im gonna replace my sms-chat proggy.
  6. i have this game, but the problem is that I cannot change the song, it also lags sometimes. Can we change song?
  7. my problem is that I can send file from my i900 but not receive? can someone help?
  8. can someone put the space in the lower middle on landscape mode?
  9. Does anyone know if there is a program for viewing pictures on omnia like this one?
  10. im having this problem also, look at the sample picture below(not mine). Mine has only 6MB free under the storage. What could be the problem?
  11. So this white spot that we have, will it worsen? my warranty has expired already and im not sure if I will just ignore it.
  12. mine has a white spot also that is visible on the lower left side. Is this because of pressing hard on the lcd? no other solution other than replacement?
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