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  1. arclife

    Tattoo, i-smart-sim and Vodafone problems

    replaced the cheap ismartsim with a 'rebel sim' and it works flawlessly now.
  2. Hi all Wondering if anyone can shed any light on this. I've just sold my HTC Tattoo (which is locked to Orange) to a friend. I had been using this phone on o2, it was possible due to an ismart-sim that I had in there. I sold the i-smartsim with the phone so that he could use the phone with his vodafone sim.. but it is not working. As the phone starts, it asks for his PIN code but then won't register on the network after it has powered up. Without the ismart in there, it rejects the sim card outright - so it is def having some effect. The only difference we can see is the o2/vodafone sim that I have has only 6 connection points on it, vs the 8 on his sim card. Because the i-smart sits between the sim and the phone it will prevent these extra two points from connecting. Anyone know why the vodafone sim is different, and if it can be changed for a 6 connection version?
  3. arclife

    Get swype *legally*

    when in portrait mode, can it be switched to a phone keypad instead of full QWERTY? QWERTY in portrait has never made sense to me
  4. arclife

    Hero paintjob

    Let's see in a month, personally I don't think it's the right paint for the job - but am happy to proven wrong.
  5. arclife

    Hero paintjob

    won't this scratch / chip really easily?
  6. arclife

    Usb Battery Charging

    The Hero can obviously monitor power useage, and what is coming in - so maybe with a bit of software tweaking, it can be done. (edit: or maybe it isn't that clever, it just knew it was on usb therefore ~500mA tops, and knew consumption was higher than that)
  7. hi all. have had a Hero for ~6months and know the ins and outs of the ROMs for them, but am getting a Magic 32B as well soon and am wondering what can be done with it. I know it is currently running Cyanogen, but i'm quite used to SenseUI on the Hero. I know that the 32B has less RAM and a slightly different CPU to the Hero, and therefore isn't as capable as the Hero or the 32A. I've looked around on the xda forums, and found a lot of different ROMs - and it's not easy to make sense of at first. Have found Hero roms by Eugene373, but they're only a seperate site now. Have found NanoSense / Evil sense ROMs. What are they like compared to the Hero? One last thing, how easier are the cases to change on the Magic?
  8. arclife

    sending mock locations to Hero

    Hi all. I am developing using Eclipse, using a Hero for actual device testing - but am having trouble with sending mock locations to it. I have enabled it on the device, but cannot send locations to it via DDMS. Can send fine to the emulator, and can deploy apps to the Hero - just not mock locations. Any trick to it?
  9. arclife

    Total Newbie - sorry

    i didnt root mine before installing custom boot image.
  10. have entered and also hit the retweet button. am a bit confused as to where to enter feedback with the retweet though.. have only just (within the last week) embraced twitter and this is the first time i've seen retweets.
  11. arclife

    HTC Hero v2.1 on Youtube

    http://android.modaco.com/content/htc-hero...gklick-3-12-09/ ?? :D
  12. arclife

    3000mAh battery or Power Monkey Charger

    something to consider though about chargers. The Hero charger is 1000mA, a USB port can give you 500mA. A lot of the USB chargers on ebay and the like are rated for 500mA devices. Be careful. I had to buy my girlfriend a new charger after the Hero popped the voltage regs in her Zen charger... oops If you are going to buy a cable for charging, make sure you do just buy a normal USB cable.. don't waste money getting an HTC one.
  13. arclife

    how about the radios

    I have exactly that problem, am on Vodafone in the UK. Using MCR 2.2 and the IU radio. Not noticed any improvements in signal over the EU and it drops me from the network often. I've not been rebooting to get signal back, just activating airplane mode and then deactivating it (in my head, that reboots the radio). Either way, will try JU radio and if that's no good i'll just roll back.
  14. arclife

    MMS Not working on Vodafone...?

    vodafone and modaco 2.6 here, was unable to receive MMS although it work when the phone was stock. Will update in the next few days and see whats what.
  15. arclife

    Can't view Modaco on Hero browser

    i was just about to post the very same thing, can browse the list of threads (as a different skin) but clicking on any thread returns an HTTP Error 500

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