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  1. Hi..

    So I decided to Root my Liquid E to fix the "phone storage getting full" problem. Then I decided to update to 2.2..

    well teh ADT failed, twice.. and now my phone doesn't even show the acer logo, just the colours and some code...

    I tried the Camera & volume up that you posted, as well as doing a hard factory reset. neither work...

    Im pretty much on the v...

  2. hallomate,im italian and write horrible inglish,sorry for this.

    i need to ask u something about the a1 aka s100 because i have reading u r a monster with liquid.unfortunately some month ago when i try to upgrade my liquid next rom via ota to 1.4 the phone falling and the battery fly away,when i try to turnit on,a triangle appears on the screen,i try to boot in recovery and seem to work,aft...

  3. I am new here, i saw in one topic one thing about Acer liquid mobile phone. I Have a Acer Liquid E, i flashed them with wrong firmware, and now i can't go into boot mod, recovery. They are dad at first look. May you fix this?

  4. Hi,

    I've read about you having a tool to repair every bricked liquid.

    My liquid (A1) was bricked when i was using GPS software on a custom rom. It went fine for about an hour and suddenly it crashed (It was charging in the car if that makes any difference).

    I can't get it to recharge the battery, normal turning on gives me only a black screen with backlight. R...

  5. behnaam

    HTC Saga (Desire S) Test ROM (from RUU)

    Download doesn't work :/
  6. Double user accounts Paul to win your own contest? Just kidding :( On-topic: that looks really neat! great way of using a tablet :)
  7. Well morchuboo was first with opening the Vega up, but I decided to dig a bit deeper into this nice tablet in hopes of one day being able to hardware mod the Vega. This was my previous thread, though it didn't quite get a lot of attention. My main goal was to find out what components that is used in the Vega, i.e. screen manufacturer etc. In the process of doing this, I unfortunately broke a few vital parts (battery connector) of the tablet, resulting in it being almost useless. So now I'm here, with a broken Vega for the cause of science and geeekiness. Hopefully I'll have better luck in this competition than I had when disassembling the Vega. Yet I'm happy that I at least managed to find out who the screen manufacturer was. Here is a few pics (sorry for the blurry images, but I don't really have a good camera):
  8. behnaam

    Getting the Vega, International Style

    I'm currently owning a Swedish webshop selling the POV Mobii Tegra (www.droidpads.se). 3G POV Mobii Tegra will be in 7/2 according to my sales rep. at POV. My main market is Sweden, but I wouldn't mind helping a few peeps out if they want it outside of the UK ;)
  9. behnaam

    [TEARDOWN] P10AN01 aka Advent Vega

    I would love to help out with that, the issue is that I have no idea what any of the parts are. Also I haven't been able to seperate the LCD Panel from the housing, seems they glued it on somehow. And I don't want to end up with a broken screen too (I tend to use unnecessary force when things don't go my way haha).
  10. behnaam

    [TEARDOWN] P10AN01 aka Advent Vega

    True, seems like the screen is really old.
  11. behnaam

    [TEARDOWN] P10AN01 aka Advent Vega

    Sure, send me one and I'll do it :P
  12. As per request I gave up hope on ever finding a battery replacement for my broken battery, and what did I do with this little bad boy? That's right, I tore it down! Gallery of pics can be found here So what did I found out about its internals? Well here is some findings: Screen: Made by: IVO (Infovision Optoeelectronics) Model #: M101NWT2-R0 Link to manufacturers specification page about the screen: http://www.ivo.com.cn/ensite/pages/solution/details/n1011.jsp From what I observed it has a 30-pin connector (had a hard time counting those as I didn't my my glasses handy, so I could be slightly wrong) Replacements that should be compatible: AUO B101AW03 | Data-sheet - Worse screen More to come, and hopefully you guys will find some nice stuff too now that you know what screen this tabby has B) And I know there was not needed to recreate a thread about something that is already discussed in another thread, but I felt like this thread can cover more than just the current internals :D If you want me to take any specific picture of i.e. some connector or a potential slot for additional hardware, then tell me! :P
  13. behnaam

    Vega internals

    I have a factory sample unit, not a Advent Vega. But it's the same device, lacking Advent branding.
  14. behnaam

    Vega internals

    Yeah, checked those. Would need a closeup to see where the metal part that is loose now should be (as there is a empty slot in the connectors plastic bit). I'll just wait and see if anyone can help out there :unsure:
  15. behnaam

    Vega internals

    I'll do it as soon as I get this battery fixed. That's my priority #1 right now.

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