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  1. Language is english and also i try dialers from market and still no chance.It's a mess up with aosp dialer as it dial through huawei phone and there something is missing.Reverting to stock as i need to top up.
  2. It's fresh install no custom kernel no backups only thing i'we done was a factory restore afther installing rom.
  3. Can someone help me? In this rom the dialler is not working properly during a call.Example: if i dial to a number and said that i should press 1 to continue i press 1 on dialpad,it shows but is not activate no sound,nothing and calls end saying i didn't press any key.Tillaz can u fix it please.Or switch to huawei dialer please,that one works flawless.Thanks.
  4. Yes it`s working. but is useless HARDWARE is too low on this device to run properly linux(android) So grow up people! Used like it was intended to: Win 6.1 or donate it and buy Android designed one. This is not a powerful device like HTC HD2 So is like trying installing Win7 on a 386 PC
  5. Hey try to flash again(same)another rom. This solve the problem on other defy(as i read on xda developers) So try again. Should work.
  6. This rom is too slow and sluggish. I do hard reset twice but still performance is low. The idea is good but i think U should use a 6.1 rom I try secany`s 6.1 rom with spb and is moving far better than yours. Sorry but i think the fault is the use of the 6.5 rom Thank you for your work Yonn.
  7. there is no newer version than dxia5 try one of these unofficial ones look here on the forum good luck!
  8. i don`t hate turkish people don`t get me wrong BUT POST IN TURKISH LANGUAGE IN mobileTURK NOT HERE. if that guy phedee is so good then why he cook inside his rom`s some others`s work? is got nothing original(or legal) in his work. U better delete this pool as it`s becoming more and more warez.
  9. 1: u are joking. 2: u don't know what hardware is. if for u more ram and more rom is worse then i wish u to be paid less for your job cause it's better.
  10. u better forget it. omnia hardware is too low for a pleasant experience with android
  11. Tati ia de aici romul:(grab from here the rom) www.mediafire.com/?oixoyndoza0 si baga la radio dx1f1:(grab from here the radio) www.mediafire.com/?mundjndn2yk dupa fiecare flash dai hardreset.(afther each flash hardreset) sa vezi ce mai telefon faci.(see what a wonderfull phone u get)
  12. ha ha nobody care.... anyway,u can call it: virtual mouse for kin phones.
  13. Even is NOT a phone may i say Nokia N900. A device that should be released before Android birth.
  14. There`s one thing about wm7 until now. They succeed to force the manufactures to release some kinda identical devices. Cause minimum hardware necessary for a phone to run wm7 is present in all new released devices. And thus make very hard to decide on a specific model. That`s it. At least for a couple months from now. The difference will be in memory,CPU,GPU,battery,camera,U.I. Not to mention the strict specification of hardware buttons that a wm7 phone should have. So,as usually,Microsoft,in his great impotency of releasing something original is copying hilarious from Apple same (featurings) that made users of iphone to jailbreak their devices....... So how should i say welcome WM7.....goodbye WM7........i`m in love with an alien (android).......
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