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  1. I didn't mean to put any pressure at all. I was just looking for a confirmation, as this rom was not updated lately.
  2. Paul, Are you ever going to update this to android 4.3? is it in your plans, or should we consider this project abandoned?
  3. Hi paul! have a nice holiday, you deserve it! and your family deserves to spend time without technology! :D
  4. paul, you were right. deleting data from contacts storage on "sense side" solved the issue with T9 dialer. everything's fine now.
  5. yes. happened to me as well. I just restored now on beta 8 but still didn't make any switch!
  6. Ciao Paul, I know u r going to regret inviting a noobie like me to the test program, but I Will ask for an explanation anyway. What do You Mean by IIRC data clearing? I know, I know... I should know that but maybe I Just Call it in a different way! Thank you! L
  7. everything runs smooth here! I only have the problem with the contacts on the sense version using T9 Dialer. I see the contacts in my address book, but the T9 dialer doesn't find them when I try to call one of my contacts.
  8. ciao paul, is it correct if I install any update from the sense switch on top of the current installation? ciao!
  9. same problem for me. In the sense version, contacts are there, but I can't find them with T9 dialer.
  10. thank you! I have italian in the google edition, just a few languages in the sense. maybe it's because I don't have a sim inside. at the moment, no issue at all, everything works fine. would you like to keep the google edition stock or will you add some "benefit"? t9 dialer would be great. I know it's included in android 4.3. but in the meantime it would be helpful! great job as usual, you're the one!
  11. ciao Paul, any way to add italian or spanish, or french? I only see languages from eastern europe. Not a problem, I can easily cope with english, but I am just curios...
  12. hi paul, something strange here. this morning suddenly phone is very hot and it's draining battery like crazy. if I look at the battery percentages, android is 34% On BBS, kernel wavelock I see "MSM_HSIC_Host" in 48 minutes drained 14% of the battery total never did it before, I didn't change anything this morning.
  13. everything's fine so far, paul. coming from r6 with no problem at all.
  14. hi Paul! a few questions: - should we expect friday update? - Does Cm turned to 4.2.2 in nightlies? - is the switch to modaco rom compatible with dirty tolerance? In other words: is it ok if you don't wipe from MCMCR to MCR? tha's all. Thank you!!!
  15. I am checking right now. I have disabled all the sync services to see what happens. then I am going to activate them once at a time.
  16. hi paul. seems there's a higher battery consumption with JR4. Google services are around more than 20% (usually less than 17%).I see I have now a 6/7% drain with the phone nearly unused.
  17. C'mon Paul!!!! Where's the friday update?!? I'll be oblidged to talk to my wife if I don't have one!!!! :-) kidding,
  18. well, you know... I mean... :wacko: Now I can say "yes, I did..." :D
  19. Am I wrong, or the launcher controls disappeared from latest nightlies? I thought it was somewhere in the settings menu, but I can't find it anymore.
  20. Paul, I have to say this rom is Amazing! Best battery life ever. I am getting used to cyanogen mod and I have to "withdraw" what I wrote during the weekend. The only thing I would change are the icons on the lockscreen shortcuts. It would be much better (in my opion) to have White icons instead of full color version. I think the best option would be to match the "lock" style. thank you for your great effort!
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