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  1. Phily

    Unlocking the Nexus S Bootloader

    Heh - yea, sure now I will also be doing backups of the internal storage when I'm going to update/flash the phone to the lastest and greatest Androids. Oh hum, sweet phone though
  2. Phily

    Unlocking the Nexus S Bootloader

    Note, doing this will 'factory reset' your settings on your phone. Update: it also seems to erase the internal storage too, arse. Gotta copy music and stuff again! agh!
  3. Nice - is it planned that VISIONary will eventually be a one click or super simple solution for the perma-root instead of having to run commands manually, like your bookloader unlocker for the N1?
  4. Phily

    G2 Permanent Root Achieved

    Awaiting a one click version of the new perm-unlock/root from Paul tomorrow :rolleyes: http://twitter.com/PaulOBrien/status/2056613548527617
  5. Is it true that the US version of the DesireZ will not have the SenseUI and the rest of world version will? Also, is the US version GSM rather than CDMA? :lol: many questions!
  6. Phily

    24/Feb 1.6.2 - RA-nexus Recovery Image

    A new version of the RA-Nexus Recovery image is coming soon. Read here for more info - http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.p...mp;postcount=79
  7. Any plans for a FRG33 superboot?
  8. Phily

    Froyo Unofficially arrives on HTC Desire

    The current Desire ports to the Nexus One (well, the Modoco ones) have issues with bluetooth etc. Surely folks wouldn't want that as their main dependable phone?
  9. Phily

    Build version: ERD56C

    Geek/phone history yes, but not rare. There was about 15-20k of those phones given by Google :lol:
  10. Phily

    Wifi - Unable to start

    I learn :lol:
  11. Phily

    Wifi - Unable to start

    I had the same issue when flashing just the system partition of a image, needed to flash the 'boot.img' before the wifi would start - looked like a kernel issue when i ran; adb logcat when the phone was booted and I tried to enable wifi. Kernel lives in boot maybe?
  12. Phily

    Amon_Ra Desire recovery

    Any update on an Amon_Ra style recovery image for the HTC Desire?
  13. Hey, I'm looking to find out how to modify a 'standard' update image/zip file into an update which can be used with the custom recovery update feature. Might there be some 'how-to's on how to do this anywhere? Cheers
  14. Will this ROM be updated soon to EPF21B if EPF21B is any advance on the older roms?
  15. Phily

    Nexus One Dock, anyone?

    Well, those are for power and to notify the phone its in a dock. Bring on the car dock I say!

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