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  1. been sitting on the MCR2.6 since October, thus was considering an update to 3.1. anyone willing to put some words backing up the upgrade process from 2.6 to 3.1 ? is it that considerably better than 2.6 ? :)
  2. targetal

    Looking forward to Nexus One

    from what I read already, and if its going to be around 300E-400E, this is going to be my next phone, even tho I just got my Hero (in September).....
  3. wow, already got the Nexus One ? :)
  4. ok, I have to say it again. the latest updated ROM by HTC + Paul's modifications are simply amazing. The device is SOOO SNAPPY and FAST. can't believe it, and can't possibly compare it to the stock 1.7x ROM before. now, I can't possibly imagine the new Sony Ericsson XPERIA X3 which is rumored to come with Snapdragon 1GHz CPU...... thanks Paul once again. without counting the APN issue I had for one day (clicking on 'Reset to default' fixed that), I had no other issue....
  5. I have to admit, I've been running my Hero for the past 3, full days, without any reboot, and the device is still sharp, snappy, and fast-reacting as it was just turned on. There's literally no comparison between the newest firmware (+ Paul's mods) and the one I had before (1.73). absolutely awesome. thank You Paul once again! :)
  6. targetal


    no, no, no - what I really meant were typos :( after all - it's suppose to be a guide, huh ? :) thanks man! there's finally one, comprehensive guide.
  7. targetal


    hey Jutley, I did an upgrade on my Hero just yesterday, and me too spent a great deal of time reading. I did quite a few wild guesses as well...anyway I had exactly the same route to the Super Hero (as You called it :)) as You. perhaps if You could clean Your post a bit, make more comments, some bold text here and there, and perhaps a message to the moderators about making this a noobie guide sticky topic..... hm? ps: and fix the grammatical errors :(
  8. just made an update a couple of hours ago. works great so far ! thanks Paul !
  9. targetal

    [Recovery] [16-Sept-2009] [RA-HERO-v1.2.2]

    hello, this recovery image seems even better than the one provided by modaco/cyanogen(?) anyway, I got a fresh microSD 8GB class 6, took the option to partition it to ext2/swap/fat32, took the option to switch ext2 to ext3 and then took the option to move apps+cache to sdcard now I can't obviously launch my installed apps :) so what should I do know ? cheers! PS: OK! I got it to work! I think I'll post a total-noobie-guide in the separate topic.
  10. ok, I got it :) So I need to do the wipe first and then load in the custom ROM on my 'vanilla' Hero. After that my Hero should be rooted (thus, I should have "#" command prompt under adb shell) thanks!
  11. hello guys, new in here (and with everything android-related) :) before I move to MCR2.0 I need to be absolutely sure about few things :) I used the Custom Recovery Image - I assume that my HTC Hero is rooted now? I think it is, because I was able to put the latest RADIO on my mobile. If yes, then the next question: when I do "adb shell" I'm not a root in the console. Instead of "#" command prompt I get "$". Thus I can't list directory like 'data' on my mobile..... I assume doing wipe/factory settings from 'Custom Recovery Console' is enough to apply the MCR2.0 ? (I did mybackup for apps and data, also nandroid backup for current state of my mobile). thanks for the answers! cheers! PS: I think It would be really nice to put all the infos in one place like the Wiki page here @ modaco. It really took me some time to gather everything up and do something.

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