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  1. Check this out. The devs at xda-developers finally got Skype to work on Streak 5's front camera. I have tested it with SD 1.9.1. [DEV] Skype Video for Froyo (and GB) (Updated on 2nd August 2011)
  2. Under the "Device Specific - Tablets" section!?
  3. Yes and it has already been discussed a couple of times.
  4. Is the DL site down? I can't access it from my side for the past day. EDIT: Never mind, its working again.
  5. Error with the new cab: Couldn't unzip '\Temp\Omnia II Teeter\Omnia II Teeter.zip' to '\Windows\' Line 3 (\Temp\Omnia II Teeter\install.mscr); UnzipAll(SystamPath("Script Path") & "\Omnia II Teeter.zip", "\Windows\")
  6. Samsung sure did release a lot of WM6.5.3 ROMS but those are not considered "Official Retail" releases. What I am looking for are 6.5.3 ROMS which can be upgraded at Service Centres and Kies. I have tried several 6.5.3 ROMs (up till JH2. I only go for stock ROMs) but those ROMs still have the volume level bug. I usually switch between normal and silent mode by holding the 'volume down' button. Sometimes, this causes the volume level to be 0. It is actually annoying, missed a few important calls because of this. If only this can be fixed, then the WM6.5.3 ROMs are fine. Btw, I have other better phones to use but I still like my O2 as the size is perfect and have a couple of Noreve cases which I do not want them to go to waste.
  7. Well, Samsung DID promise an Official Public WM 6.5.3 firmware for Omnia II. Till now I have not seen one yet. Did they break their promise? Samsung Omnia II’s Windows Mobile 6.5.3 coming in May [CONFIRMED]
  8. Are you sure that the 100MB free you mentioned is not your phone storage? So far I have not seen any stock firmwares with 100MB free RAM. It is usually around 60MB-80MB on first bootup. As for phone storage, 100MB is possible.
  9. Tested on my i8000. Looks great but I can't get the weather to work. Are there any more apps to install to make Weather work? Also, can the background be changed?
  10. Get the silicone casing. It is more durable than the crystal case. A friend used the crystal case before. Only lasted a few months. After that it started cracking at the joints.
  11. I have been using a Noreve Ambition Chestnut with a privacy matte screen protector for over a year now. It kept my phone practically new and the casing makes it look exclusive. :)
  12. Check out 'dcmugen' from ebay. http://stores.ebay.com/DCMUGEN Their screen protectors are great and reasonably priced too (bought 5 matte and 2 privacy as spares.. :lol: ). At first I was using their matte screen protectors but later I changed to the privacy ones. Some batches of privacy ones have a matte surface but its best to check with them.
  13. invisishield are quite tacky. One of my friend stuck one on his phone. Difficult to slide your finger across, feels like sliding across a non-slip mat.. :lol:
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