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  1. Hi KonstaT Thanks for your work Is it possible to update your build to include latest CAF " August 27, 2014 LNX.LF.3.5.1-06900-8x10.0" & Boot2Gecko ? =)
  2. Same issue. Solve by installing the Official HTC RUU (2.73.405.5) then install Amon Ra then you know... the beginning ^^
  3. a little question about 3G speed tweaks to build.prop I'd like to know what the tweak is really doing ? How to remove it properly ?
  4. It is due to the port of a CDMA version, they don't have sim card :( It seems there a lot of people using sim contact oO Just waiting for integration of busybox, A2SD and wifi tether.
  5. I try both, and Sygic wins ! update of maps available every 6 month
  6. kookix


    God ! I miss it ^^
  7. kookix


    I installed SlideIt, tick the option to activate it in Locale Setting but it seems not working... I try uninstall and re install, reboot my phone, the option is well activated but in search and message I could not slide... it is the normal way to write What I'm doing wrong ? on MCR 3.2b5 Reboot needed ? Just tick the option and SlideIT keyboard is working ?
  8. The white one is only 119 Kb ? Try to flash it. It give me an error: Verification failed --> Installation aborted.
  9. Look at Release Date: 2009-09-11 You are 5 months behind
  10. Why not let us previous version ? Question of taste, so more choice ! =) I prefere the 1.0 when Hero blurred but instead of 4 times let it blurred 2 times and be static. Dislike the "under wave" in 1.1 oO It's my opinion ^^
  11. Thanks for your work on Bootscreen =) Request: Love the beginning of this one and the end of TV channel search when the Android Robot appears, change the Modaco Logo by an Android one =) Is it only possible to modified the second splash ? no way to modified the first one (The Hero that appears a long time)
  12. @MarioPlBe It works for me, trying directly "Find Home" and also when adding postal address and then "Find Home". No FC's. MCR 3.2 coming from 3.1. Try a complete wipe and flash it again. Thanks ! So the option "Use only 2G" is here ? Someone could create a widget to switch 2G/3G =)
  13. kookix

    Best Facebook App

    I try many apps, and I prefer the browser with : http://touch.facebook.com/ Don't know why the official app is not like that
  14. No need to rename your file. update-hero-radio- it's fine ! Download it again and give it a try.
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