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  1. If this is anything like the X310e (one of the chinese dual SIM MTK6575 phones) then there are tools around to correct the IMEIs if they get changed. They are stored in a file (not got the details to hand) which can be backed up and restored on the chinese ones.
  2. aldaweb

    HTC Desire Z Rooted with CM7 for sale.

    Wrong Forum, see Paul's post above announcement-14-reminder-selling-items-on-the-forum-directly-is-not-allowed
  3. aldaweb

    Finally got the HD2... now which ROM?

    Another Dutty user, been using it with no problems for a while now, needs HSPL 2.08 for 576MB RAM, not 3.03 and task 29 before and hard reset after to avoid probs, not forgetting to backup
  4. aldaweb

    The Official "I'm not leaving the Pulse" thread

    Since buying the pulse as a cheap foray into the Android world I'm now dual booting WM and Android on my HD2 but still prefer a hardware keyboard for mobile email hence a BB 9700 on T-mo 6 month BB for £20 but will still hang on to the pulse and continue trying newer builds as long as the devs are producing them.
  5. aldaweb

    T Mobile and Orange network merger

    No problems with O2 here (HD2 dual boot) or with giffgaff which is in my pulse now. Normally have HSDPA connection but with those areas with edge that's all I get on t-mo too. Just using t-mo sim for my BB using the 6MONTHBB for £20.
  6. aldaweb

    How to: Root phone and install Android v.2.1

    I found the A2SD+ version hangs at that point with the SD card inserted but boots up without it and the card can be inserted after booting, though if the phone reboots it hangs again. The no A2SD version doesn't hang, at least at that point. Still suffers the force closes though.
  7. aldaweb

    Reasons not to buy CO-Pilot

    Your contract is with the seller not the manufacturer, hence the advice to return it to where you bought it. ALK have not sold you the disk so could not know on what target device you wished to use it, and if they have advised returning the disk then you should approach the seller. Having dealt with ALK in respect of Copilot for Windows Mobile, it can be frustrating trying to get a resolution but they usually get it sorted third or fourth time round.
  8. aldaweb

    Cheap HD2 Unlock!

    Got the unlock code from O2 - no charge - but did have to wait a couple of weeks after requesting it. There was a link on one of the O2 sites (probably via the forums) but don't have access to it ATM.
  9. aldaweb

    Which Windows Mobile Device are you using?

    HTC HD2 Windows Mobiole 6.5 Pro Stock O2 ROM, for Now! Acer M900 Windows Mobile 6.1 Stock 1.04 ROM ATM XDA Orbit Windows Mobile 6.5 Custom (dheewatara) ROM
  10. aldaweb

    Pulse battery same as in Huawei Mifi (HB4F1) issues

    No problems for me swapping batteries between the 2.
  11. I'm still using an old SIM in the pulse with Relax PAYG tariff (expensive calls) but did the monthweb to 441 for £5 on that and will check on the new SIM (in my M900 ATM) in Jan. Mainly use data on pulse, Use contractphone (HD2) for calls. Just got 50 free texts till 29th Dec (old SIM)
  12. aldaweb

    HD2 O2 UK availability

    That'll be because they don't allow tethering in their T&Cs. They want you to buy the dongles instead.
  13. aldaweb

    Unlock your Pulse for $19.99 (~£14)

    Another happy customer - unlock code arrived within 24 hrs and works perfectly.
  14. aldaweb

    Unlock your Pulse for $19.99 (~£14)

    Nice one - will order on Monday to avoid the w/e delay.

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