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  1. Somehow I allways find myself going back to PMHI1 I once downloaded it because I read claims that it'd speed up the overall feel of the phone (or maybe it's better to say pda) and though I'm not using any scientific approach it keeps feeling the best, and indeed pretty snappy. When trying the "latest and greatest" there's allways something negative compared to "good old PMHI1". Tried PUJA1 for the last two weeks but it drains the battery too fast like mentioned above. I also have the feeling it takes large chunks of battery life away when you use it (like using the GPS but I didn't), though standby is okay. But as I use the phone as a PDA a lot it had to go.
  2. You made me smile too... Who would have guessed I would end up with a quote from the Koran on my phone (at least I guess that's what I see on the first screen after flashing)?
  3. I'm glad you sold your phone. Now I can finally flash the final version of your rom :( Thanks for your great work!
  4. I guess by adding XDA_UC you can't call it an UltraClean ROM anymore ;-)
  5. No problems using WiFi here using any of Sinan's roms including latest. Just so you know it isn't a rom problem. Also no particuar settings necessary.
  6. I think it's WVGA only, not WQVGA compatible.
  7. To me that's a bonus as you can still run something usefull on the today screen which is allways just a push of the button away.Easy acces to my agenda overview (Pocketbreeze) and financial status (SPB finance today plugin).
  8. I've tried most interfaces mentioned above and going back to Winterface. It's the only one that doesn't require you to swipe trough multiple screens. Most interfaces look slick but you have to navigate trough multiple screens to get the info you need. I get lost in SPB mobile shell's maze of screens even with skins, TouchFlo offers too little info per screen, PointUI is too slow. Winterface gives me all the info I need on one screen with detailed info just a push (not swipe) away. It also offers a good built-in lock screen and superb integration with FunSMS and FunContact which makes for a very comfortable phone.
  9. I flashed new ROM (was trying to prevent it but the promise of a faster GPS lured me in, even though I don't know what it means exactly :) ), so had to reinstall everything. Sinan, Pako777's modded camera cab does not create shortcut. Maybe the standard camera cab does. I prefer Pako's version because op the timestamp in the photo's filename.
  10. I recommend installing e-Natives Showcase and assigning it to a hardware button. It gives you a list of running applications so you can switch to or close easily. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=530564
  11. There's a link in the first post to files provided by Sinan. Download and install Pako777's Modded i900 Camera.cab Create a shortcut to \Windows\Camera.exe
  12. Sinan, Can you upload latest version without phone part (8MB PP)?
  13. pfonck

    Opera 10 beta

    So far they haven't been able to pull me away from Opera Mini 4. It's the only browser that feels truely intuitive to me as it senses what you want to read and zooms in perfectly formatted. In Opera 9 I keep zooming/panning in all directions and never get exactly on screen what I selected. I think they're all too much trying to give people an iPhone look and feel and forgetting their strong points that made the browser so popular to begin with. Don't think Opera 10 will be a step in the right direction from my point of view but doesn't matter because I'm happy to stay with Opera Mini.
  14. Hi Sinan, I guess it's 8MB PagePool version with the "Sinan Bluetooth Obex Fix.cab" cooked into the ROM? Thanks for great (or should I say small? ;-) rom.

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