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  1. Hi Paul! Been running your basic package for some time on my second G2. Very stable and I appreciate having the basic ROM repackaged and with a kitchen. I've been following the Gingerbread goings-on over on XDA and it seems a lot is happening there with Cyanogen making CM7 available as a daily/nightly download. Any plan to offer a new ROM based on Gingerbread for the G2? Battery life on gingerbread seems to be very good and many of the earlier issues seem to have worked themselves out. I think it would be super cool to see a MCR at the 2.3.x level. Thanks again for the great kitchen and ROM resources! Looking forward to seeing a MCR packaging up gingerbread.
  2. Is there going to be a new reelase based on the 1.72 sense sources like Virtuous over on XDA? I'd like to try a few different sense ROMs on my G2. Virtuous is pretty cool and I think its based on a later sense release. Thanks!
  3. Over on XDA G2 Development, look for the howto/guide thread. Takes a few commands and Paul's excellent VISIONary app. My bet is that Paul will soon create an update version of things which will truly be a single step. Cautionary note: You have to follow the instructions implicitly. First time I did this, I did not get permanent root but I did get S-OFF in the booter. The thread is filling up with confirmations there. Here's the link. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=833965 My first error was not running VISIONary again to get the SU binaries in place. Now Titanium Backup, JuiceDefender, Root file managers show superuser granted. Just a final cautionary note, do not error in the commands. You could have a 600.00 or so paper weight. Thanks everyone.
  4. Hey Paul- Just a question on the VISIONary run on reboot option on the G2 here on TMO US. Applications that run on boot like the XDA SuperPower app or Juice Defender have some issues when the phone restarts. I think there is some contention between the application running and VISIONary. Also, has anyone noticed that after some time goes by with the phone rooted that applications like Titanium backup start saying that the phone is not rooted? Is this a cache issue with how things are done on the G2? The VISIONary r10 applications works great for me in all regards. Just curious about the run on start option and how others manage their phones with applications like XDA SuperPower or JuiceDefender that want to start on boot as well. Thanks for the great work on this stuff Paul! Much appreciated.
  5. I just did this as well. I use clockwork recovery with another N1 ROM and flashed the a2sd script to the n1. I did it wrong the first time and took the SD card out and formatted it to ext3 on my linux laptop. After determining this would not work since the card could not be mounted, I did the formatting and file system creation within the clockwork recovery screens. The basic process, thanks to XDA and @Dictionary there on the N1 forums worked well for me. Here's the link to that forum post. Here is hopefully the link to what I did: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.p...;postcount=1274 There are two reboots in this and you have to "su" to root to make it work or at least I did.
  6. There are a lot of updates over on XDA these days around things like temp root, something called temporary persistent root which is an interesting line, and other news. Personally, I think that the CyanogenMOD guys are gonna crack this nut pretty soon and we'll have the G2 the way we want it. I want this to replace my NexusOne phone but the N1 is wide open, XDA has so many mods, ROMs, etc. Its gonna take awhile but I think the right minds are on this. Way back when, I got a HTC Magic while working in Chennai India. No market, no way of flashing new ROMs. No root on it. Until a month went by. I believe the G2 will take until the first OTA and maybe until HTC has to release the sources to stay in compliance with the GPL. It will go down. It mind over matter.
  7. I guess there are a few ways to get rid of this. One way is to go ahead and have it attempt to install the update. It will fail and people have said you will not get the OTA notifications. I used ADB and changed otacerts.zip to otacerts.zip.bak in /system/etc/security. Another way is to get rid of the download database item that someone else posted about. Yet something else people have mentioned is to not choose the 2.1 build prop and flash beta. Others have mentioned simply rebooting but this did not do it for me. I went with the otacert.zip renaming method and I have not been troubled with an update request.
  8. Thanks for this approach. I have a second NexusOne. Going to apply r21 on it today. On my first phone renaming the otacerts.zip resulted in no updated being offerred for the last few days now. I'm wondering if still need the 2.1 build.prop or if all the applications show up without it now. Thanks!
  9. I may have found a way to get rid of the OTA updates. Renamed the file otacerts.zip to something else by using adb. Its at /system/etc/security I believe. I have not seen a OTA message since doing this. I'll just patiently wait things out and see if it re-occurs.
  10. I verified that I do have frf91 and the update notifications still occur. It cites an update to browser and flash as being available. The update is about 45mb. I have to select install later every few hours after I wake the phone from stand by. Very irritating since this is the latest update.
  11. Me too. I tried reflashing with the radio update and still get the OTA messages all the time. I was out yesterday and they did not come up but when I charge the phone or plug it in to the USB cable, it always comes back. I'd like to get rid of the OTA message in the notification bar and the update message that rises on the phone. Anybody know how to do this? I did not wipe since I had r20 on the phone before.
  12. Hi all- I had read this on twitter from Paul regarding battery life and using newsrob but wanted to ensure that it got a wider audience since battery life is a big thing these days here and on XDA. If you are using newsrob and I have used it for some time, it definitely does affect battery life. I have noticed with newsrob installed that my battery with regular use and by regular I mean wifi, exchange email, web, calendar, gmail, market will be down to around 70% at the end of a 6 to 8 hour day. Now when I remove newsrob, battery life is over 80%. I'm not sure what's going on here besides that newsrob perhaps polls the google reader; but the difference is noticeable. I've been using the reader.google.com in a browser and the mobile version works just fine. BTW, for me the kernel which comes with r18 also has really enhanced the whole battery life thing for me and I had tried a number of other kernels from XDA. Thanks to Paul for posting this on twitter. Give it a try and see what you think.
  13. The default froyo kernel that is packaged was bad for me. I downloaded and installed IntersectRaven's Froyo kernel and the difference was signficiant. I get really good battery life but Froyo does have a few interesting things. Like today, the battery just drained right down and I noticed that the work email application was claiming an inordinate amount of cpu. I rebooted the phone to check out the difference and immediately the work email app which does exchange for me, went down to about 2%. Froyo is fun but it ain't done. I get some strange black screens, the market seems weird sometimes. But its fast. I tried all the Desire ROMs and I guess I am not a Sense type of guy. I like the basic look much better. When Froyo finally comes out as the real thing, its gonna be wicked fast I think.
  14. I'd like to make a suggestion for the forum moderation folks or Paul :-). Is it possible to pin or make sticky any of the release announcements for new ROMs so they always appear in the pinned list? Stuff like the r15 and froyo release would benefit and be easier to find. I think these are major announcements and this would also call these out to the folks that may be considering a ad-free or plus account. Definitely make it easier to find in the rush of posts to the NexusOne Forum.
  15. If you go to the CyanogemMOD after rooting your phone, there are tips on XDA. There are at least 3 UV kernels for CM. Not sure about Paul's build which is now at r14. On CM 5.0.6; I've done the following: Turn of GPS as suggested Turn off wifi as suggested when not in use Turn off 3G when not in use Install setCPU and set a profile Turn off mail sync'ing Install a UV kernel With these things, as a completely subjective example on CM, I set my phone by the bed with wifi off at 2200 with 93% battery. At 0700 I had 88% which is much better than I have ever done. With wifi use, I start the day at 97% at 10am. Its now 530pm and I've used the phone to check email, read some news, etc. I now have 81%. That's much better than I ever got before. I do have dreams of even better battery use though. I'm still a newbie at this stuff so I still am trying different kernels. IntersectRaven's on XDA appears to be the best today :-)
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