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  1. Isn't that the norm for the desk clock widget? I think the space is for calendar entries or something. You can always long press on the widget and resize it.
  2. Yeah, all working and rooted again :) Cracking phone!
  3. Yeah, me too! Been waiting to get home before I do anything. I unlocked the bootloader and rooted, but after installing the 139MB update on first boot I need to re-root it.
  4. Rooted it then booted for the first time. It said a 139MB update was available, but after that I've lost root! Is that usual? I'm guessing it is - just about to re-root now.
  5. Hi everyone, Now my Nexus 5 has been delivered, I'm looking to sell my Vowney V5. It's in pristine condition, only thing worth mentioning is the known issue of a non-functioning compass. Everything else is working as it should and it looks the same as the day I got it. It comes with the white rear cover and I have Tillaz' custom ROM installed. Open to offers via private message :) Cheers, Dan
  6. The settings are in Settings -> System -> GravityBox Tweaks -> General Fixes... tick "Fix caller ID for phone" and "Fix caller ID for messages".
  7. What root method are you using mate? I was gonna use Chainfire's Auto-Root. Want everything to remain stock :)
  8. Also got mine today and will be rooting it shortly... :)
  9. I got my black 32GB Nexus 5 delivered today, even though it wasn't due to ship until 8th Nov :) I've heard there's a 150MB update to download when you first use the device, so I'm going to wait until I get home before switching it on. Also, I'm planning on rooting it before I do anything using Chainfire's super easy method.
  10. Also ordered a black 32GB on release day. Just got an email saying it has been shipped!
  11. I think that's just because this is a custom ROM, so the built-in updater isn't applicable... you would lose root, Gapps and all the other improvements.
  12. I really like Swype, but I use Google Keyboard nowadays.
  13. Dan Mullen


    I've posted two reviews to Merimobiles and they both took a few days to appear.
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