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  1. Hi all If my tablet is rooted, and I install an official ROM onto it, does it stay rooted? That is, will apps like Titanium Backup continue to work? Thanks.
  2. Hi all If my handset is rooted, and I install an official ROM onto it, does it stay rooted? That is, will apps like Titanium Backup continue to work? Thanks.
  3. Anyone have a list of ones based on 4.3? If my tablet is rooted, running MCR, and I install the system update that it keeps prompting me about, will it still be rooted afterwards?
  4. Does anyone have the official Nexus 7 dock? If so, could they have a look and see if you can dock the tablet with a case on? I currently have one that has a plastic clip that holds the tablet, with cutouts for the pogo pins, similar to this one. However it's starting to get a bit tatty, so will probably get a new one soon. Thanks
  5. I've got an odd bug with the messaging app. I've set up a couple of templates with gestures. This is a really great feature. However, it only seems to recognise one of them. No matter how distinct I make the gestures, it always inserts the first one in the list. I've tried deleting the templates, deleting the gestures file and starting again, but no luck. Any ideas?
  6. Hi Thanks all, sorry for not replying sooner. I got the backup off OK. I then had a problem where some permissions would not let me copy the backup onto the sdcard on my replacement phone. I decided that in any case I would flash the CWM version of MCR, and as I already have automatic backups of my apps and data, it was easy to restore my Angry Birds progress! (and SMS) So it's all good, and I think I prefer the CWM version anyway.
  7. Oops. I broke my phone. It just slipped out of my hand (see below) The touchscreen doesn't work, but I have rebooted into recovery and done a backup. When my replacement arrives, I can just root it, then copy the backup over and do a restore, right? Any issues with that? Can someone please advise where the backup file is stored, so I can pull it from adb (this is the biggest problem with no removable storage!) Thanks
  8. I've got something similar. The phone appears to be off, and I can't tell whether it is or not. I have to hold down the power for several seconds, which forces it to turn off and then I can turn it on again. Mine only seems to do it very intermittently. It could do it 2 or 3 times in one day, and then could go a week without it happening.
  9. Anyone know when the official charging orb will be available in the UK?
  10. That's definitely it. I deleted the old backups through the recovery menu, rebooted, and now I have 9.6GB available. I don't know why I couldn't browse to the backup files using file explorer, but at least I have got to the bottom of my first issue. As to why I couldn't restore from the most recent backup I don't know.
  11. OK, now I think that the backup files are there, but something is stopping me from browsing to them and deleting old ones - and that's why my storage space is running out. Anyone got any bright ideas?
  12. OK, even odder. I just did a new backup and restored it immediately, and it worked! So why can't I restore from the previous backup that I did less than an hour ago?
  13. OK, this is odd, and a bit worrying. I went to restore from a previous backup, and got MD5 mismatch error. I browsed to sdcard/clockworkmod and there is nothing in there. Despite this, when I go to backup and restore from the recovery menu, it lists my previous backups. Looks to me as though it is creating the backups and putting an entry somewhere but then not actually saving them in sdcard/clockworkmod Please help - do I need to flash a new recovery image?
  14. Hi Paul That's done something very odd to my internal storage. It's showing as just 1.4GB available, but when I add up all of the elements below it only adds up to 2GB. My Nexus is showing as 12.92GB total space, so no idea where the missing space is. Apps is only 720MB
  15. Minor issue. The icon for GPS fix is wrong. Mine looks like it's downloading a file. As far as I have noticed all other icons are correct. Great ROM, cheers Paul.
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