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  1. this hero forum is dead. look here.
  2. forget this, it's really old!!! you can find hero roms for every taste here (including AOSP).
  3. why not try 2step sync: sync contacts with google contacts on gmail and find a way to sync gmail to your linux computer. i don't need my ubuntu computer to be in sync with gmail but i googled around a little anyway. this is what i found: Getting Gmail contacts synchonised in Evolution This setting will allow a user to see his Gmail contacts in Evolution (even for offline use). This method creates a new address book that synchronises with Gmail contacts. On the Evolution Contacts window, select the New drop-down menu and choose Addess Book. The New Address Book window will appear. Ensure that Type is set to Google. In the Name field, enter a name for the new calendar. In the Username field, enter your Google username. This will be something like [email protected] Check Use SSL. Click on the OK button. The new address book should then be displayed in the Contacts list under Google. Existing contacts should be shown and new contacts synchronised.
  4. 1. well it depends how you look at it... they're quite quick although 2.1 sense was already quite quick. also getting rid of sense you get some additional space on your phone which is good cos hero haven't got much space. for me the main advantage is the new android stuff introduced with froyo. i can't remember all of the new things cos i'm on froyo for 6 months now. all in all, a good sense 2.1 rom is good and fast enough but if you lack some of the features introduced later (google around for them), you're ready for froyo. also: i'm quite conservative with roms, i don't take "experimental" stuff cos i need a rom for everyday use and i must say 2.2 is good enough. 2. i use the latest froydvillain and i'm very satisfied with it. others recomended by most users are floyo and cronos (which i haven't tried cos i stick with what works good). 3. google around, ask people, ask me... i already abandoned a part of sense back then when i was on modaco r5. i deleted rosie (a sense launcher) and started using launcherpro which is much better and which i still use on FV. the only thing that i really miss (apart from flash lite) is a better camera. a non sense camera looks kind of ugly but works ok. but if you try 2.2 and you're not satisfied with it you can always do a nandroid restore to 2.1. i still have a modaco r5 nandroid backup on my sd but naver needed to go back...
  5. or if you are willing to forget about sense, than you'll find yourself in a ROM heaven. i liked sense very much but would never go back to it now. however it's hard to start with no-sense ROMs since many default android apps just suck bad (like launcher, gallery, music player, sms...) and you must find a decent substitute for each one of them. but when you're done with that, you'd never go back...
  6. "latest" modaco is half a year old. there are plenty of newer hero roms for every taste...
  7. ps - i think sense ports are also comming in the future, if you can't live without sense. i think the devs just need some more time for that.
  8. well, this is my own opinion, but i think that paul's got too much work with newer devices to be able to find some time for hero. if you're interested in updating your hero to something more up to date, you'll find great froyo roms for hero ovet at xda forums. i'm running one of them right now and wouldn't ever go back to android 2.1 and r5.
  9. you have plenty of 2.1 sense roms on xda. browse through and find yourself a favorite. there are no STABLE 2.2 sense hero rom at the moment but i think that will change in the near future. there is a heavy development of htc legend ports going on. EDIT: modaco's r5 is also a pretty good 2.1 sense rom but i read some complains about A2SD / A2SD+ (which i haven't used when i was on r5) and it's also not able to OC.
  10. i'm not really sure if this is the right answer to your question but isn't wifi tether making your phone a hotspot?
  11. you don't need to flash newer radio if the existing one works for you. however you can do it anyway (try with the latest radio) to see if your gsm signal or wifi gets any better. in case of troubles you may flash back your working radio anytime. one thing more about kernels: froydvillain 1.6 doesn't offer separate kernels to flash. however you may play with CPU speeds in an app called CPUspeed which is installed by deafault. just don't try to flash FV 1.5 kernels on FV 1.6.
  12. these are different kernels. higher number means higher CPU speed, which means your phone runs faster but also your battery dries quicker. you enable a kernel by flashing it over your rom in recovery mode but it depends from your phone how high CPU speed it supports. if it doesn't boot after you flashed a kernel or if you get FCs, than you should flash a lower speed kernel. i suggest you stick with the default kernel which you get by flashing the rom itself. it's tested to be the best compromise between speed and stability/battery consumption. you may also flash the default kernel (576MHz) without the boot animation. that will shorten the boot time of your phone. this kernel stuff has nothing to do with the radio image.
  13. i you have the whole thread about hero 2.2 roms just one click below. search before you ask.
  14. it force closes because you've unchecked twitter or facebook or flickr in kitchen. bake yourself another rom and include all three. sorry, no other way for this to work... EDIT: and please don't quote the whole f****n page in the future.
  15. first DO A NANDROID BACKUP, then go to /system/app/ and delete: Rosie.apk htcbookmarkwidget.apk htccalendarwidgets.apk htccontactwidgets.apk htcmailwidgets.apk htcmsgwidgets.apk htcsearchwidgets.apk htcsettingwidgets.apk EDIT: you can do that with Root Explorer (or some similar app) or via console.
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