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  1. please need to contact you but your inbox is full and can not send you a message...pse contact me !!!!

  2. The XDA X10 team released today Sunday June 27th... a working root method!! Guide is posted here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=711907 Root itself won't allow to flash custom ROMs, or 2.1, 2.2, at least not directly, but will make such goals inminent.
  3. A little overheating should be expected, the ROM demands a lot from the phone.. You are right is pretty heavy on the processor. Why iphone is better? easy to explain it to you. In this ROM, what you are doing, is running an application that uses libraries written specifically for HTC phones, which the Omnia2 does not have. So we use a library 'adapter' that translates the HTC Sense code into Omnia2 compatible code, but the translation process ALWAYS is slower than running natively. If you ever used emulators you should understand. Iphone apps run natively because they were written FOR the iphone hardware. If you ran apps made specifically for Omnia2 AND Samsung would have made good libraries (which they didn't) then it would run full speed...
  4. I recommend you flash latest EBOOT and PHONE (current latest is JB1, from Secany's thread)
  5. If you have CSC flashed, it might interfere with some settings from my ROM. That's why i recommend erasing it. (it doesn't interfere with phone functions). Mentioned behavior indeed is original HTC Sense design. Sense language can be easily changed via registry: if i remember well, you have to change CURRENT_USER\MUI\CurLang, to your language LCID.. if you don't know it, look for it on internet.. For example english is 1033... spanish is 3082... and then reboot. You cannot enable native samsung vibration,... but my personal recommendation is to install software called 'TouchResponse'... in control panel settings, you should use option '11'... try it out! With due respect i understood very little of your message, but if you refer to available RAM memory.. you should know that is the biggest inconvenience in my ROM, and in all Omnia2 users in general, mostly because memory design from Samsung engineers.... there is only 144MB of memory available to user... and HTC Sense is designed to run with almost double of such amount... i made that point on original post... this rom is not full speed, and is memory hungry... sorry
  6. It's because you erased your CSC... it is completely harmless the message, in any case i'll soon post a CSC that adds such animations.
  7. Don't waste time with that. G Sensor won't work because an adapter library must be made for the Omnia2 motion sensor driver. Moreover, Sense won't work in landscape becasue OpenGL library adapter doesn't support it yet..
  8. I did with my latin american I8000L and it was safe... you shouldn't have problems... but i cannot tell you how to revert your original CSC if something bad happens (it shouldn't)
  9. I recommend ERASE CSC DATA option in Octans... you don't really need CSC part for my ROM, anyway, and some settings (like wallpaper) gets overwritten with CSC... try it !
  10. If any one makes good screenshots, and would like to share them, tell me so i include them on original post for new coming users can better appreciate ROM.. :(
  11. Sysmax, If you have time to mess with your phone, you might want to try my newest rom, LE-O2 FUSION (HD2 with Sense 2.5 ROM) .. just released Beta 2 today.. http://www.modaco.com/content/i8000-omnia-...released-today/.
  12. Yes, when i make time i'll repack my packages to build ultra lite rom, then upload it.. very soon.
  13. I forgot to say that that's the way Ginkage's library handles that situations for now.. When you are running HTC Sense, and the keyboard has to be deployed, the remaining screen gets shrinked, but you can safely type, and then screen goes back normally without crashing... that's better than a crash anyway :(... This applies to add city (weather), search people, link profile to facebook, search internet, etc.
  14. You probably know but i have released new beta 2 version here http://www.modaco.com/content/i8000-omnia-...released-today/
  15. I HAVE RE-UPLOADED FILE. See original post. If you downloaded from Rapidshare some hours ago, and you didn't flash it yet, or are experiencing strange issues, why don't you give it a try to current file.. Thanks.
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