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  1. wow ryrzy thank's a lot I think it could be usefull :D and will be this on your website?
  2. Anyone know somethink about official WM 6.5 update for i900? Will be there it?
  3. Maybe Sector will build a new rom on this build it would be nice :) Am I right Sector?
  4. Hi I tried to instal this ROM but when i finished flash my phone he had restrat and i had his same ROM. It was only Hard Reset for me :/ I don't know what is going on :) I tried 3 times always is this same. Culd anyone help me? I would like to instal this ROM on my omnia ;p My ROM now is PDA: SAID2/R6.5v6 build 23009 (by Ryrzy) Phone: XXHJ1. Sory fo my bad english ;/
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