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  1. Finally fixed camera :-) - fixed focusing - color spots - distortions - quality Like see one the screen after and before - the same distance from the wall ... Fixed files soon
  2. Hello guys .. I finally rebuilt camera.gmin.so with KonstanT source ! But still problems wirh picture quiality ... I attached source and prebuilt lib for test . I need help to fix that ... Source_prebuilts_for_camera camera.gmin.7z Source_vendor_camera3hal.tar.bz2
  3. I was adding gt9xx driver to the kernel and works fine. Try my gt9xx driver gt9xx.tar.bz2
  4. I am working to fix camera distortions ... I was very busy lately learning how to port and fix some modules like wifi, bt or Ril :-). I'm actually rebuilding camera HAL module from the source ... only left to remove some problems ..
  5. About that photo issue ... I think the problem is in the kernel driver... I have teclast with ov 5648 back camera ( I ported driver to your kernel ) and photo looks fine ( not count is missing 1/5 of the photo on the right side :) after taking the photo.
  6. I have question - video recording works ? I mean after record you can find that video ?
  7. May I ask how you fixed Bluetooth ? Is it that commit ? https://github.com/CM-CHT/android_device_intel_cherrytrail-common/commit/5aa0f80a3bf3d51c9bccb21caee6fd1f7c52c6de
  8. Bluetooth problem audio I was trying to connected - play and disconnect 3 times to my Bluetooth headset in order to get logcat for you KonstanT. As was mentioned earlier - no sound on BT Logcat attached. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8BF9-TGlz-FSmlQWXQzcmNFbHc/view?usp=sharing
  9. I discovered something - my toolchain do not sign modules ( the toolchain is 4.8 ) ....but poky toolchain does ( I assume is based on toolchain 4.9 ). I try to add my touch driver to your kernel - hope will be works :-) edit : I added new touch drivers to your kernel ... maybe will be helpful - I attach diff tomorrow . You are great KonstanT ! Also noticed that I have camera 5648 - I don't know how I remembered that works with 2680 drivers and firmware ... I have to fix it. ps KonstanT I'm curious that path you added to kernel to fix deeps sleep. Where I can find it.
  10. Teclast tbook10 - later I will test changes and let you know :). ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- edit YES you are GREAT - I finally was able to compile my kernel with the help of poky toolchain adding EXTRA_CFLAGS += -Wno-error=date-time to the Makefile of gt9xx - driver ! I always learn something new ... Really thanks for help. Tomorrow ( today heh ) I will test that build.
  11. Yes I'm suprised too :) Later I check excatly model . Anyway with your kernel source all works except touch . On my kernel works touch ( gt9xx) but not loading modules like wifi, camera, bt ( not signed or wrong signed ? ) . Maybe because I used my toolchain not poky ? ( poky can't compile my kernel to the end because of gt9xx module ) I get error if I even try to load them manually by insmod - " required key not avaliable " Thanks
  12. Thank you for helping me I appreciate it ! I donate you later for that :). I was testing diffrent kernels and toolchains for experiment . I just was suprised if I use poky toolchain on my kernel I can't compile to the end ( gt9xx problem ) but with my toolchain that goes to the end and kernel works ... but modules are not signed .... so i don't have wifi or bt ... heh . On your kernel everything works except touch ....nice . Is possible to sign the modules manually for test ( learn ) ? I'm testing my kernel because teclast devices has gt9xx driver for the touch screen. So maybe I port that driver to your kernel ... Really thanks !
  13. Hello again :) I have problems and problems with kernels . 1 . I tried to compile my kernel ( that i gave you ) with your toolchain ( poky ) - error -------------------------------------------------- /home/tablet/kernel/intel/cherrytrail/drivers/input/touchscreen/gt9xx/gt9xx.c:1599:9: warning: format '%d' expects argument of type 'int', but argument 3 has type 'size_t' [-Wformat=] GTP_ERROR("size not match [%d:%d]\n", GTP_CONFIG_MAX_LENGTH, count); ^ /home/tablet//kernel/intel/cherrytrail/drivers/input/touchscreen/gt9xx/gt9xx.c: In function 'goodix_ts_probe': /home/tablet//kernel/intel/cherrytrail/drivers/input/touchscreen/gt9xx/gt9xx.c:2401:59: error: macro "__TIME__" might prevent reproducible builds [-Werror=date-time] GTP_INFO("GTP Driver [email protected]%s, %s", __TIME__, __DATE__); ^ LD drivers/iio/frequency/built-in.o /home/tablet//kernel/intel/cherrytrail/drivers/input/touchscreen/gt9xx/gt9xx.c:2401:1: error: macro "__DATE__" might prevent reproducible builds [-Werror=date-time] GTP_INFO("GTP Driver [email protected]%s, %s", __TIME__, __DATE__); ^ LD drivers/iio/gyro/built-in.o LD drivers/iio/humidity/built-in.o LD drivers/iio/imu/inv_mpu6050/built-in.o LD drivers/iio/imu/built-in.o CC drivers/iio/light/acpi-als.o CC drivers/iommu/intel-iommu.o CC drivers/input/misc/hall_switch.o cc1: some warnings being treated as errors make[6]: *** [drivers/input/touchscreen/gt9xx/gt9xx.o] Error 1 make[5]: *** [drivers/input/touchscreen/gt9xx] Error 2 make[4]: *** [drivers/input/touchscreen] Error 2 make[4]: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs.... -------------------------------------------------- So I get error about the touch driver gt9xx when I'm using poky toolchain Interesting thing is if I use my toolchain ( that I gave you ) then I'm able to make kernel to the end but modules sems not be signed ... even I tried to load them manually by command insmod and get error " required key not avaliable " 2. I tried second kernel from your source github cht-chuwi_c109s-5.1-kernel - download error I cloned by git clone command and get error -------------------------------------------------- _xFCR_xFR_MASK, ESAI_xFCR_xFR);^J^J^Imask = ESAI_xFCR_xFR_MASK | ESAI_xFCR_xWA_MASK | ESAI_xFCR_xFWM_MASK |^J^I (tx ? ESAI_xFCR_TE_MASK | ESAI_xFCR_TIEN : ESAI_xFCR_RE_MASK);^J^Ival = ESAI_xFCR_xWA(width) | ESAI_xFCR_xFWM(esai_priv->fifo_depth) |^J^I (tx ? ESAI_xFCR_TE(channels) | ESAI_xFCR_TIEN : ESAI_xFCR_RE(channels));^J^J^Iregmap_update_bits(esai_priv->regmap, REG_ESAI_xFCR(tx), mask, val);^J^J^Imask = ESAI_xCR_xSWS_MASK | (tx ? ESAI_xCR_PADC : 0);^J^Ival = ESAI_xCR_xSWS(esai_priv->slot_width, width) | (tx ? ESAI_xCR_PADC : 0);^J^J^Iregmap_update_bits(esai_priv->regmap, REG_ESAI_xCR(tx), mask, val);^J^J^Ireturn 0;^J}^J^Jstatic void fsl_esai_shutdown(struct snd_pcm_substream *substream,^J^I^I^I struct snd_soc_dai *dai)^J{^J^Istruct fsl_esai *esai_priv = snd_soc_dai_get_drvdata(dai);^J^J^Iif (!IS_ERR(esai_priv->fsysclk))^J^I^Iclk_disable_unprepare(esai_priv->fsysclk);^J^Iif (!IS_ERR(esai_priv->extalclk))^J^I^Iclk_disable_unprepare(esai_priv->extalclk);^J^Iclk_disable_unprepare(esai_priv->coreclk);^J}^J^Jstatic int fsl_esai_trigger(struct snd_pcm_substream *substream, int cmd,^J^I^I^I struct snd_soc_dai *dai)^J{^J^Istruct fsl_esai *esai_priv = snd_soc_dai_get_drvdata(dai);^J^Ibool tx = substream->stream == SNDRV_PCM_STREAM_PLAYBACK;^J^Iu8 i, channels = substream->runtime->channels;^J^J^Iswitch (cmd) {^J^Icase SNDRV_PCM_TRIGGER_START:^J^Icase SNDRV_PCM_TRIGGER_RESUME:^J^Icase SNDRV_PCM_TRIGGER_PAUSE_RELEASE:^J^I^Iregmap_update_bits(esai_priv->regmap, REG_ESAI_xFCR(tx),^J^I^I^I^I ESAI_xFCR_xFEN_MASK, ESAI_xFCR_xFEN);^J^J^I^I/* Write initial words reqiured by ESAI as normal procedure */^J^I^Ifor (i = 0; tx && i < channels; i++)^J^I^I^Iregmap_write(esai_priv->regmap, REG_ESAI_ETDR, 0x0);^J^J^I^Iregmap_update_bits(esai_pri... symlink error: File name too long android_kernel_intel_cherrytrail-chuwi-c109s-l/uefi/cht/modules/iwlwifi/defconfig -> defconfigs/iwlwifi-public [email protected]:~/tablet/kernel/intel$ git clone https://github.com/CM-CHT/android_kernel_intel_cherrytrail.git Cloning into 'android_kernel_intel_cherrytrail'... remote: Counting objects: 3674384, done. remote: Compressing objects: 100% (72/72), done. remote: Total 3674384 (delta 29), reused 4 (delta 4), pack-reused 3674307 Receiving objects: 100% (3674384/3674384), 774.59 MiB | 1.90 MiB/s, done. Resolving deltas: 100% (3050113/3050113), done. [email protected]:~/tablet/kernel/intel$ -------------------------------------------------- So later I tried to compile that with poky toolchain Get error -------------------------------------------------- LD drivers/usb/built-in.o LD drivers/built-in.o LINK vmlinux LD vmlinux.o MODPOST vmlinux.o GEN .version CHK include/generated/compile.h UPD include/generated/compile.h CC init/version.o LD init/built-in.o sound/built-in.o: In function `cht_mc_check_jd_status': (.text+0x9a1be): undefined reference to `rt5645_check_jd_status' sound/built-in.o: In function `cht_check_hs_button_status': cht-cr-dpcm-rt5645.c:(.text+0x9a4ec): undefined reference to `rt5645_check_bp_status' sound/built-in.o: In function `cht_check_hs_remove_status': cht-cr-dpcm-rt5645.c:(.text+0x9a649): undefined reference to `rt5645_headset_detect' sound/built-in.o: In function `cht_check_hs_insert_status': cht-cr-dpcm-rt5645.c:(.text+0x9a84b): undefined reference to `rt5645_headset_detect' make[2]: *** [vmlinux] Error 1 make[1]: *** [sub-make] Error 2 make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/tablet/kernel/intel/cherrytrail' make: *** [TARGET_KERNEL_BINARIES] Error 2 -------------------------------------------------- Conclusion - my kernel and my toolchain works but modules not signed ? - my kernel your toolchain - error ( look above ) - kernel from your source ( chuwi_c109s-5.1-kernel ) - error while downloading and compiling ( look above ) Thanks for help
  14. I found that toolchain with kernel source as I said some time ago. I compiled the source for chwui vi10 and works nice. I'm working to port that on other devices like chuwi pro witch lte modem and teclast devices. My question is what changes in frameworks and other places in the sources you have made to switch off all phone stuff. How to restore it. Thanks for any advice that would be helpful.

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