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  1. Anh N.

    Win a HTC Desire HD with MoDaCo and @superetrader

    PaulObrien :D
  2. Anh N.

    Win a HTC Desire HD with MoDaCo and @superetrader

    Done ! Hope i'll be the one :D PS: The tweet button is error ! Someone pls check it !
  3. Anh N.

    And shipped

    Anyway else ? Borderlinx only ship to Moscow and Saint DHL Service. But i'm not live there :)
  4. Anh N.

    Which Windows Mobile Device are you using?

    Device Name: HTC Topaz Operating System Version: Windows Mobile 6.5 ROM type: TEST III Custom Rom Device Name: SamSung I900 Operating System Version: Windows Mobile 6.5 ROM type: Custom rom 4 my own. Device Name: Nokia N95 8Gb Operating System Version: Symbian S60 3rd ROM type: Ship rom 3.1 :)
  5. Anh N.

    And shipped

    Where can i get the contact information ? Thx in advance !
  6. Anh N.

    And shipped

    Any chance to ship to Russia ??? :)
  7. Anh N.

    Looking forward to Nexus One

    Anyone knows when will Nexus start selling in Russia ? Cant wait ... :)
  8. First make sure you still see the welcome screen, then reinstall samsung driver, connect phone to computer, turn off phone - run grandpix - press detect - turn on the phone ! It should be fine !
  9. Such a bad news ! I think better save money to buy it before christmas ;) I wont believe if i can have twice HD 2 + 2 = 4 ;)
  10. Great 28011 rom, smoother and stabler than the old one ;) But M2D still load a big slow with tab message, album and change background is not working. Font size in menu is quite small - a little big hard to read ;) Thx Nicklas for hard work !!!
  11. Try to install samsung driver again. Anyone knows does 28011 FloTitanium include M2D ?
  12. Thx Nicklas ! Will give a try now ;)
  13. 1st: Install HTC album cab 2sd: Copy albumsearcher.exe to windows folder on the fone 3rd: Run M2DC to active ablum tab (You need to install this also because it's not include in the rom) Video call i dont know. Here they're support 3G call :D

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